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FREE Delivery On Orders Over £49.


  • Aromas to Adore
    February 20, 2021

    Aromas to Adore

    Many of us truly couldn’t live in this world without the smell of sweet and sumptuous scents in the air. As February marks the month of love, we thought it best to celebrate this tremendous time by raving about the pawfect perfumes and scents available within our store. 

    As a fundamental part of our daily routine, perfume and body sprays have been around for centuries and we really couldn’t live without them. Now, with doggy products becoming more holistic and natural than ever before, there really is no better time up your grooming game for your pooch. From luscious lavender to beautiful bergamont, our range of amazing aromas are everything you need to make your furry friend smell as scrumptious as ever before. 

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  • Why We Love WildWash
    November 27, 2020

    Why We Love WildWash

    When it comes to grooming products, we believe natural is best. Featuring only natural ingredients and made with our pets health and wellbeing in mind, here’s introducing one grooming brand that we simply couldn’t wash without.

    WildWash are dedicated to designing and creating grooming products that are beyond pawfect for our four-legged friends. From flea treatments to daily grooming, WildWash has everything you and your pet needs to keep their coats and skin looking and feeling as fabulous as ever. 

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  • Winter Grooming
    November 20, 2020

    Winter Grooming

    From matted fur to soggy skin, rainy walks can leave us and our furry friends praying for some TLC as soon as we walk through our front doors. Unable to run a bubble bath and soak in some suds to cleanse from the wild weather, grooming for our pets can be a tricky business, especially if they aren’t fond of stepping into the bathroom!

    So to take the stress away from cleansing their muddy paws, we have a range of pawfect products that will leave your furry friend looking as good as new no matter what weather they might have ventured outside in. 

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  • A Healthy Coat This Christmas
    November 14, 2020

    A Healthy Coat This Christmas

    With blustery winds and frosty breezes bashing against the silky skin of our four-legged friends, finding ways to keep their bodies looking as blissful as ever can be a tempestuous task. 

    Using super supplements and grooming products to keep their coat and skin looking as radiant as ever, here is how your canine companion can keep their coat looking shiny and radiant no matter what the weather this winter.  

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