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  • Natural Cornish Pet is Growing; Our New Warehouse
    July 4, 2021

    Natural Cornish Pet is Growing; Our New Warehouse

    In 2016 when Natural Cornish Pet was first established we could only imagine how many dogs and owners we would help in the pursuit of a more natural way to eat, treat and play, and there's a real buzz around the Natural Cornish Pet team at the moment as we are excited and proud to announce the opening of our brand new warehouse in Hayle, Cornwall.

    Located just down the road from our shop in St Erth this new facility will help us to process all of our online orders much more efficiently and allow us to stock even more of the best all natural pet foods, treats and accessories the country has to offer. 

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  • What is a Natural Pet Shop?
    June 15, 2021

    What is a Natural Pet Shop?

    Since opening three years ago, many of our customers have asked what sets our business apart from other pet retailers on the market. Well, what’s unique about our small, independent shop is more than just what lies upon our shelves. 

    The vision of Natural Cornish Pet Shop has always been the same: to give our customers the chance to invest in products that are wholesome, healthy and above everything - all natural. Believing in every single stockist and what they sell, we have become advocates for products that are nothing but beneficial to their bodies and brains. Supporting strategies to improve not just pet’s wellbeing but the earth in which we live on too. Our brand is more than just a pet shop, it is a business that believes in change. 

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  • Natural Pet Food: A Guide
    June 5, 2021

    Natural Pet Food: A Guide

    When it comes to feeding your pet, we believe that nothing is better than the finest ingredients and products created in the most natural of ways. As we become more and more aware of what we are putting inside our foods and snacks, the pet industry is also turning to more natural ways to give our pets the best dietary support they can possibly get. 

    With years of pet knowledge under our belts, we decided to launch our own pet shop stocked to the brim with the most wholesome and all-natural pet foods and treats available and so Natural Cornish Pet Shop was born. So for those of you new to pet ownership or new to natural produce, here’s our guide to what makes our food and treats so wholesome and why a better diet can help make your dog healthier and happier. 

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  • Our Brilliant Brands
    January 24, 2021

    Our Brilliant Brands

    Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we would be nothing without the brilliant brands that fill our shelves. Featuring the best of what British brands have to offer, our superb selection of fantastic food and tasty treats are what sets us apart from regular pet food retailers. 

    Offering some of the finest and highest quality food and treats on the pet market, our range of brilliant brands really do showcase the most wholesome and best all-natural products that are produced. From grain-free food to natural treats, here’s our favourite brands and why your dogs shouldn’t wait to get their paws on some of these brilliant products. 

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  • What is the 'Natural Pet'?
    November 13, 2020

    What is the 'Natural Pet'?

    With more and more of us focused on living happier and healthier lives, we have taken measures in our diets, exercise and everyday living to ensure we keep our bodies in tip top shape all lifetime long. We look at labels and packaging with a fine-toothed comb and we change our diets to be free of dairy, gluten and sometimes meat.

    Now we are beginning to take the same approach to health and wellbeing with our pets. From grain-free diets to super supplements to keep them in the best condition possible, here’s what’s great about having a natural pet and why we are becoming more inclined to be natural pet owners ourselves...

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  • The Natural Pet Store
    September 8, 2020

    The Natural Pet Store

    Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore each and every single item on our shelves. Whether you have a delightful dog or cuddly cat, you are guaranteed to source a product that has been made with their welfare in mind.

    Grain-free food & treats, hypoallergenic grooming supplies, cleverly designed apparel & accessories; whatever you need for your four-legged friend, you will only find the best here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

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  • The Role of the Independent Retailer
    August 5, 2020

    The Role of the Independent Retailer

    As a nation, our local towns and cities are packed to the brim with popular brands that have been on the market for years. With leading supermarkets dominating our shopping needs, and high street visits decreasing every year, the role of the independent retailer is changing more and more.

    For our pets, we aim to purchase products of the highest quality whilst knowing we are also getting the best price possible. For many, it is easy to purchase dog food and treats from our local supermarkets alongside our own weekly shopping. However, as we are becoming a nation of convenience, we are actually becoming more conscious of the food we are putting in both ourselves and our four legged friends.

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  • Introducing Eden
    July 28, 2020

    Introducing Eden

    Creating highly nutritious and delicious food for our four-legged friends, the team at Eden pride themselves in knowing exactly what our pets need and want to eat.

    Developed from knowledge of our pets’ ancestral diet, this new and innovative brand is set to storm the pet food market. With a plethora of fabulous flavours, eye-catching packaging and free from nastiness, this is one pet food that your furry friends will definitely want in their bowl. Creating a range for both felines and canines, here’s why we think that the next food you pick up for your pet should be Eden Holistic.

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  • Cafés For your Canine
    July 17, 2020

    Cafés For your Canine

    From long walks on the beach to wilderness adventures in the woods, days out
    in Cornwall with our dogs are the best days ever. However, no trip in the Cornish Countryside would be complete without a refreshing drink and a bite to eat! Despite this, for dog owners this can often be easier said than done. as many cafés and other eateries do not accommodate our four legged friends!

    Fear not, as we are here to make your days out with your dog stress-free and here’s a list of our 5 favourite dog-friendly cafés in Cornwall, that will give you everything you need after those amazing adventures with your canine companions.

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