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  • Keep Hug Happy
    January 26, 2021

    Keep Hug Happy

    There really is no better feeling than giving our pets a good snuggle. After a hard days’ work, an emotional event or even just for some love and comfort, many of us reach for our pets to boost our mood and keep us feeling safe and warm no matter how we might be feeling.

    With National Hug Day just days away and human hugs being few and far between this past year, hugging your pet has never been more important. However, despite the obvious affection our four-legged friends share for us, imposing yourself onto a furry friend may lead to implications that keep those hugs far from happy. From overbearing squeezy squishes to unwanted anxious effects, we can often love our dogs too much, making them nervous around human contact if we impose on them when they aren’t in the mood. 


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  • Dorwest: The Home of Supplements
    January 25, 2021

    Dorwest: The Home of Supplements

    No matter our dogs age or breed, throughout their lives they may need a little extra TLC here and there to give a boost to their bodies. From itchy skin to troublesome tummies, supplements can be added to your dog’s daily diet to help keep them fighting fit, no matter what problems might arise. 

    From wild weather to growing older, there are so many factors that can contribute to our pets’ bodies needing a little extra this winter. Helping to provide support for a range of ailments, Dorwest are the home of all the supplements you might need to keep your dog fighting fit all year long. With a range of supplements to support everything from digestive issues to troublesome joints, Dorwest have a supplement for you. 

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  • Christmas Anxiety
    December 5, 2020

    Christmas Anxiety

    Many of us have already decked our living rooms and halls with decorations that make us feel more festive than ever. From Christmas Trees to flashing lights, our houses are adorned with a range of décor that can leave our furry friends feeling anxious. With many pet owners anxious about leaving our pets alone with the likes of our Christmas tree, the thought of festive decorations can leave us doubtful about decking the halls with boughs of holly. 

    Here’s some hints and tips to keeping your pets calm around Christmas decorations and how to keep your house and pets looking and feeling as festive as ever. 

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  • Easing Separation Anxiety Post Lockdown
    December 2, 2020

    Easing Separation Anxiety Post Lockdown

    With the national lockdown lifting, many of us are returning to work leaving our beloved best friends at home alone. Re-adjusting to life without us again, our pets may have displayed signs of separation anxiety this year as their world has been just as confusing as ours. 

    Over the next few weeks, we may notice our dogs have displayed signs of distress, so with those waggy tails and wet noses waiting for us to come home, here are some ways we can help our furry friends adjust to life at home alone. 

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