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The Benefits of Chicken In Your Dog's Diet

The Benefits of Chicken In Your Dog's Diet

We know that chicken has been a staple ingredient in dog foods since they have been in mass production, but how good is chicken for our dogs really? At Natural Cornish Pet we use only the best of all natural and nutritious ingredients and Chicken certainly features heavily as it is a great source of lean protein, glucosamine, omega-6 and essential amino acids, for your precious pooches. We have been producing and selling chicken treats since our shop had its very first products on its shelves and we continue to do so as we are confident that for most dogs chicken is one of the most perfect proteins around and can help to keep their tails wagging all day long. 

History of Chicken and Dog Foods

It is thought that chickens were first domesticated and farmed in South East Asia around 8000 years ago. From there, chicken production spread through India and China and reached the shores of Europe in about 800 BC. Since then chicken farming has become a worldwide industry producing in excess of 50 billion chickens for meat and egg production annually. 

With its relatively cheap production costs and its variety of brilliant nutritional benefits chicken quickly became a staple ingredient in dog foods in the early 20th century, around the time that dog foods became commercially available in high street shops. This perfect protein has stood the test of time and is still a major ingredient in the food, treats and chews available for our dogs and its health benefits are still being utilised for dogs all over the world. At Natural Cornish Pet alone we have well over 300 products that contain chicken as a constituent ingredient or that are made from pure air dried chicken. As with all of the wonderful products on our shelves these captivating chicken treats and foods are grain and nasty free, are as always all natural and nutritionally wholesome, and have the very best in flavour and mouthfeel for each and every one of your furry friends.

Chicken for dogs

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Benefits of Chicken For Dogs 

As we have alluded to above, chicken provides a whole host of benefits for your dogs as it contains a wealth of helpful things for your dogs that will keep them as healthy as can be for as long as they can. The main thing that chicken provides our dogs with is similar to what it provides us, a great source of lean protein. Lean proteins are important in a carnivorous diet as it is easily digestible and therefore provides quickly obtainable energy, dogs rely on proteins as their main energy source and chicken is the perfect meal or treat for that. As well as providing energy, protein contains the basic building blocks needed to build and maintain healthy muscle tissue in your dogs, which is also essential for a healthy canine lifestyle. The proteins in chicken also contain a great source of amino acids which are also a necessity in any dog’s diet, with chicken containing an amazing 10 out of the 22 essential amino acids that are needed by your dog. Not only this but chicken is also a good quality source of omega-6 which is an oil that helps to keep your dog’s skin and coat in the best possible condition. It also contains glucosamine which is an amino sugar that is responsible for aiding your dog in keeping their bones healthy, as well as being effective in reducing the effects of osteoarthritis in those unfortunate dogs who suffer with this debilitating condition. 

Natural Cornish Pet Chicken Chew Box - Cluck In! 

With all of these brilliant benefits we thought it was about time to add a bountiful chicken based box to our treat and chew gift box selection. Our natural grain free treat and chew boxes are bundles of our awesome all natural, wholesome treats and chews that are hand chosen by us at Natural Cornish Pet and contain some of the best we have to offer in handy gift boxes that can be used for that special occasion in your dog's life or just as a treat for being the best dog. 

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The Cluck In! Bundle contains a carefully curated selection of our very favourite 100% air dried dog treats and chews that not only have all the benefits of chicken but also contains chews that will keep your dogs chewing muscles and teeth healthy and clean too. This brilliant box contains four different chicken delicacies that are made with only the very best ingredients and are suitable for all dogs over the age of four months. The box contents are; ten chicken necks and ten chicken feet which are perfect chews for maintaining dental hygiene and are a beautifully textured treat to keep any canine mouth content, five chicken, potato and turmeric sausages which help to support cardiovascular, digestive and neurological function and are a delicious reward when training, and ten delicious air dried Chicken Coins from the awesome JR Pet Products. You can get all of this for less than a tenner too, which makes it a great choice for those of us on a budget who want to keep our best friends chomping on the best treats and chews around. 

Natural Cornish Pet Chicken Deli Box - Monthly subscription box for dogs.
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At Natural Cornish Pet we love an ingredient that is nutritious and brilliantly beneficial for all of our dogs and chicken certainly fits the bill. If your dog deserves a meaty treat but you only want to give them the very best of the all natural dog products that are available, why not gift them one of our tremendous Natural Cornish Pet Treat and Chew Boxes and get their jowls quivering and their tails wagging every time you head to the treats drawer.

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