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The Best at Mr B’s

The Best at Mr B’s

When it comes to frozen treats, there is nothing quite like ice-cream to tempt our tastebuds. Cooling in hot temperatures and created in a variety of fantastic flavours, the possibilities really are endless when it comes to this scrumptious snack. Whether it's a 99 with a flake or a waffle cone dripping with creamy goodness, it really is a great summer treat. 

Here in Cornwall, the love of ice-cream is like no other. Home to the beloved clotted cream, many Cornish recipes feature this incredible ingredient making ice-cream on our Cornish coast some of the best in the UK.

Just a stone’s throw away from our Natural Cornish Pet Shop, Mr B’s Ice Cream Parlour has been serving customers for years and really is some of the best ice-cream in Cornwall. And now Mr B’s have created a range of dog-friendly ice-cream to give your pooch a taste of this spectacular sunshine companion.

Mr.B's shopfront

Mr B’s, Hayle

Located in the heart of Hayle, Mr B's two fantastic locations positioned just a stone’s throw away from one another, are vibrant, flavourful and most of all filled with scrumptious frozen delights. Using a combination of the finest locally sourced Cornish produce and the best italian ingredients, their range of fabulous flavours is so good you’d think you were in the middle of the Italian Riviera. 

Opening its doors in 2004, Hayle welcomed its very first ice-cream parlour when Kirk Barden opened the first shop on Penpol Terrace almost 20 years ago. Their exciting flavours and tremendous tastes became a firm favourite amongst locals and is still one of Cornwall’s most popular ice-cream locations today. Expanding their shop to include its flagship location in Copperhouse, Mr B’s has been a love amongst locals and a perfect place to enjoy a frozen treat with your family and now your four-legged friend in toe too. 

Dog eating from cardboard pot

Dog-Friendly Ice Cream

Understanding the importance of our furry friends enjoying treats just as much as us, the wonderful team at Mr B’s have created their very own dog-friendly ice-cream for our canine companions to enjoy whilst we tuck into our own frozen treat. Surrounded by idyllic locations to walk your furry friend, enjoying an ice-cream and wonderful walk has never been more tasty. 

Especially designed for our four-legged friends, the team at Mr B’s have recruited a range of pooches that are currently taste testing their new dog-friendly recipe to make sure it's the tastiest around. With the final flavour not yet announced (everything is still top secret), their dog-friendly ice-cream is soon to hit their shelves and become available to your furry friends in the coming weeks. 

Combining dog-friendly flavours and their amazing ice-cream making processes, we can predict this will be one frozen treat your dogs won’t be able to resist. Keep an eye out on their Copperhouse store Facebook page for pupdates on their brand new ice-cream. It looks like this Summer your dogs will have more than just the sunshine to enjoy. 

Large dog eating ice cream cone

Benefits of a Frozen Treat

With the Spring weather providing more and more days of warming sunshine, keeping our dogs cool and refreshed in the scorching sunshine has never been easier with a frozen treat. 

Giving your pet a frozen treat like ice-cream or a fruity sorbet can give them a scrumptious snack but also help cool their core body temperatures that may have risen due to heat or excessive exercise. Ice-cream, in addition to being beyond scrumptious, can provide your pooch with a well-needed nutritional boost when made with dog-friendly ingredients such as mashed bananas or peanut butter. These ingredients, often used with dog-friendly ice-creams, contain nutritionally valuable vitamins and minerals that help keep our dog’s bodies in tip top shape. 

With a brand-new, dog-friendly ice-cream just moments away from being unveiled at Mr B’s in Hayle, keep your eyes peeled and paws ready for a frozen treat that will most definitely get tails wagging all summer long.

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