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The Best Natural Alternatives to Rawhide Chews for Dogs

The Best Natural Alternatives to Rawhide Chews for Dogs

Dogs absolutely love to chew. They chew as a form of play, they chew to eat, they chew to relieve boredom, and they chew because it makes their taste buds happy. Chewing has many benefits for dogs, including:

  • Provides dental benefits (chewing massages gums and helps to clean teeth)
  • Helps dogs cope with boredom
  • Provides significant psychological satisfaction and support is good, plain fun!
  • Helps with teething in puppies and junior dogs

We want to encourage our dogs to chew because of all these great advantages, but we want to make sure that our furry friends are chewing safely.

Processed rawhide treats are a commonly used chew, however, they do have some drawbacks. Rawhide can contain small quantities of toxic chemicals and bacteria which could make your pet sick and rawhide can be irritating to the stomach in some dogs, as the product can be hard to digest.

In recent years many industry professionals have shined a light on the hazards that processed rawhide ‘treats’ can contain. If you’re looking for a healthy, safer alternative for your pup, there are plenty of other options now available.

Earth Animal No-Hide
No-Hide Dog Chews from Earth Animal are a safer, chemical-free alternative to rawhide. No-Hide Dog Chews have absolutely no rawhide, are made with high quality, human-grade ingredients, and are easy to digest. They are carefully hand-rolled, uniquely cooked and dried making them easily digestible and nutritious. And, are 100% free of chemicals, additives, bleaches, and formaldehyde. The chews are long-lasting chewable bliss to dogs of all shapes and sizes!

Shop Animal No-Hide  


Earth Animal no-hide


Yakers a Himalayan Chew

YAKERS find their origin in the hills of the Himalayas. Originally made for human consumption, they are still widely eaten by the Himalayan people and their dogs. They are made from a mix of skimmed Yak and Cow milk. A very small amount of lime juice and salt is added to coagulate (harden) the milk, which is then compressed into blocks and smoke dried for 28 days to give the chews their unique flavour.

Depending on the size of your dog – as well as how determined he or she is – YAKERS can be an extremely long-lasting treat.

 The hard texture means dogs need to soften and work at the treat before they’re rewarded with small pieces to chew off. So you get to keep them happily entertained for a lot, lot longer. You can also put the small end pieces in the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds until they puff up. Allow to cool and then give back to your dog to finish the treat.

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Yakers Dog Chew Dog Treats Yakers

Green & Wilds Antler

Deer antlers are fantastic treats for your pet. They have multiple benefits like helping your dog maintain healthy, clean teeth and providing essential nutrients his body needs to thrive. Antlers are chock full of potassium, zinc, calcium, and manganese to promote a long, lasting life. Best of all, these things stand up to even the toughest chewers.

  • Antler has some unique and proven benefits:
  • High in natural minerals and nutrients
  • Helps improve circulation and metabolism, reduces cholesterol
  • Strengthens bone structure, muscles, and joints
  • Maintains healthy cells, aids the immune system
  • Helps prevent inflammation from arthritic conditions
  • Made from our Grade A Antlers that are naturally shed each year, from free-ranging deer that live natural lives. No deer are ever harmed
  • Low odour, no stains and lasts for ages.

Shop Green & Wild Antlers 

Green & Wilds Premium Fallow Antler Chews Dog Treats Green & Wilds


Soopa Sweet Potato Chews

Sweet potato chews are a delicious healthy chew treat for your dog. Naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants with their rich orange color indicating that they are high in carotenoids which help strengthen eyesight and aid immunity to disease.

One of nature’s superfoods, sweet potato contains good bacterium that helps to regulate the digestive tract and help dogs with sensitive stomachs. Sweet potatoes are naturally sweet-tasting but their natural sugars are slowly released into the bloodstream, helping to ensure a balanced and regular source of energy.

Simple, delicious, nutritious and best of all dogs LOVE them!

Shop Soopa Sweet Potato Chews

Natures Menu Raw Marrow Bones

Raw marrow bones can be a fantastic source of minerals and other nutrients and also are great for keeping teeth clean. Natures Menu’s 100% natural whole Beef Marrowbone are deliciously satisfying and the perfect treat for experienced raw fed dogs. Raw Beef Marrowbones make a tasty, wholesome snack that will give your dog’s jaw a healthy workout, encouraging improved dental hygiene. Packed full of natural nutrients to help promote health and vitality. Rated by experts as an advanced raw bone, we recommend to feed to dogs over 10 months of age and with experience of eating raw bones.

Chewing can help induce a state of calm in dogs and feeding raw meaty bones is an important element of a raw diet. Our range of meaty bones and chewing meats are carefully selected to accommodate dogs of all ages, sizes and breeds.

Never feed cooked bones which can splinter and perforate your pet’s intestines or stomach and cause severe injuries or death.

Shop Natures Menu Raw Marrow Bones 

Natures Menu Marrowbone Dog Food - Frozen Natures Menu


Natural Pizzle

Pizzles are a delicious dried chew snacks made from 100% beef. They have been dried in a convection oven at 130 degrees, which makes them particularly delicious and crispy without any added artificial colours or preservatives. They have a high protein content and are low in carbohydrates.

The low-fat content of these Pizzle pieces also makes them ideal as a grain-free snack for between meals. The tough to hard consistency helps to strengthen jaw and chewing muscles. This hardness makes the Rocco Dried Pizzle ideal for keeping your dog entertained. As this is a natural product, each one will differ slightly in colour and size.

Pizzle pieces are particularly popular amongst dogs, thanks to the typical intensive aroma. The dried pieces are in portioned pieces that make them suitable even for smaller dogs, helping to strengthen teeth and jaw muscles. The  Pizzle is low in fat and offers intensive flavour. As it is a natural product, your dog can expect exciting variety with each and every treat!

Pizzle at a glance:

  • 100% beef
  • No artificial colours and preservatives
  • Crispy consistency
  • Intensive aroma
  • Strengthens teeth and jaw muscles
  • Also suitable for small dogs
Image result for pizzle


Just Fish Skin Treats & Chews 

Did you know there are chews made entirely of fish skin? Obviously, the name is a bit of a misnomer and comes from the shape, but these healthy chews are low in fat and non-greasy, making them a great alternative to traditional rawhide bones. The texture is somewhat like jerky and the chews are great for your pup’s skin. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, dried fish skin cubes that also provide lean protein and Omega-3s while helping to clean your dog’s teeth.

Shop Fish Skin Chews

Simply 100% Ostrich Chews

Introducing the ultimate premium grain-free healthy treats & chews bundle for your dog. Industry experts and vets recommending novel proteins, making our Ostrich treats & chews bundle the perfect choice for your dog. 

Our Ostrich range is suitable for all dogs and often the treat of choice for dogs with complex dietary needs. Whether you want a long-lasting chew or a low-fat treat for your pooch, we have it covered. 

  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Extremely Low Fat
  • Excellent for dental hygiene 
  • Naturally rich in nutrients 
  • Suitable for all breeds 
  • 100% grain Free
  • 100% gluten-free 

Shop Ostrich Chews

Always Monitor
It’s important to note that if you’re giving your dog any type of chew, you should be monitoring this activity. That’s because you want to make sure pieces don’t break off that he can swallow or choke on. And be sure to cycle out the chew regularly so you and your dog don’t have to deal with any nasty (and dangerous) bacteria.

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