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The Natural Pet Store

The Natural Pet Store

When it comes to pet treats and food, we pride ourselves on stocking and selling products that contain only the best ingredients, that are locally and ethically sourced.

This results in a product that is both delightfully delicious and keeps British farming and agriculture to the top of its prime. When it comes to all-natural and wholesome food, we are the experts.

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore each and every single item on our shelves. Whether you have a delightful dog or cuddly cat, you are guaranteed to source a product that has been made with their welfare in mind.

Grain-free food & treats, hypoallergenic grooming supplies, cleverly designed apparel & accessories; whatever you need for your four-legged friend, you will only find the best here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

Finest Food, Incredible Ingredients

Every piece of meat, poultry, game or fish that we produce, sell or promote is local to the UK, sourced ethically and is 100% natural. Any fish product in our store is sourced from British waters, ensuring we are doing what we can to support the British fishing market. For us, every product that we sell showcases the best of British farming, and we believe if it’s not good enough for us, it’s certainly not good enough for our pets.

We maintain close relationships with all brands that we stock and sell, including Giants like Canagan and Natures Menu, to ensure every product on our shelves not only provides our pets with highly nutritional, wholesome food with a multitude of health benefits, but food that is also amazing for our environment. We don’t just care about where our food goes, where it comes from is just as important!

From every bite of kibble, to the fillings inside our tasty treats; every product in our store goes through rigorous nutritional and taste testing (often by the humans who make them!) to ensure that not only it is beneficial for our pets, but that it tastes incredible too.

Understanding your pets

When it comes to understanding your pets’ needs, we consider ourselves rather knowledgeable! As founders Jordan and Katy have worked in the pet industry for a significant period of time, they knew they needed to develop a brand that showcased the importance of all-natural products.

As more and more research emerges about the problems grains cause for our pets, pet food brands are developing new and exciting recipes to help support pets with intolerances when it comes to grains and cereals. With leading brands such as Canagan, Symply and Akela offering high in protein and grain-free food for our animals, Jordan and Katy knew they needed to follow suit, and thus Aflora was born.

Created by the brains behind the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, Aflora Dog Food is a high-protein and grain-free recipe that is scrumptious in each and every bite. Packed with pawfulls of proteins and beautiful botanicals, this grain-free food is flying off our shelves! Branded to showcase the beauty of our Cornish coastline, each packet of Aflora is named after a beauty spot in our local area to encourage more and more dog owners to explore our county with their pets.

To us, its more than just dog food, it’s an experience.

Learn more about Aflora Here

Eco-friendly Ethos

At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we pride ourselves on stocking pet products that are not just great for our pets, but great for the planet too! Many of our products, including our own branded food and treats, are packaged with materials that are 100% recyclable.

But what’s even better than recyclable packing? No packaging at all!

When it comes down to reducing nonsense packaging, there is no better solution that a simple recyclable label and to let the product do the talking. Many of the chews and treats we sell at Natural Cornish Pet Shop are packaged in their own skin, so you can see exactly what you are buying. You simply see the product, pick it from the shelf and give it straight to your four-legged friend without removing any nasty single-use wrappers.

Some of our amazing package free products are:

Experts in Raw

In addition to the deliciously dry and wonderfully wet food throughout our store, we also stock a huge range of raw food and treats, for owners out there that prefer to give their pets a taste of their ancestral diet.

Sourced sustainably from British farms across the UK, our raw brands ensure their food is not just beneficial for our pets, but great for the environment too. Ensuring the best conditions on the farms from which their products are sourced results in a better and finer quality of each for our pets.

Stocking some of the biggest brands in raw food such as Paleo Ridge and Natures Menu, we understand how brilliantly beneficial raw food can be, and even have treats and food to help wean your pet onto an all raw diet. With only the finest proteins used in raw food, there is no diet we recommend more than raw. 

For us, our shop is much more than just a pet store. We are proud of each and every product on our shelves and our passion for pet welfare is evident when you come through our doors. From an onsite natural pet deli & bakery, to the wholesome products that fill our shelves, we care about each and every single brand we sell, and we care about our customers too!

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