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The Role of the Independent Retailer

The Role of the Independent Retailer

When walking through any high street, it would be unimaginable if we were presented with an array of shops we had never seen before.

As a nation, our local towns and cities are packed to the brim with popular brands that have been on the market for years. With leading supermarkets dominating our shopping needs, and high street visits decreasing every year, the role of the independent retailer is changing more and more.

For our pets, we aim to purchase products of the highest quality whilst knowing we are also getting the best price possible. For many, it is easy to purchase dog food and treats from our local supermarkets alongside our own weekly shopping. However, as we are becoming a nation of convenience, we are actually becoming more conscious of the food we are putting in both ourselves and our four legged friends.

With veganism and wholesome eating on the rise in recent years, many of us are actually turning to local and independent suppliers to get the best possible food and produce that we can. This is no different for our pets. With more people learning the truths about what leading dog food brands are actually putting into their pet food found on supermarket shelves, people are choosing to shop independently to guarantee the food they buy is the best it possibly can be.

Natural Cornish Pet Shop

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are dedicated to providing your four-legged friend with the most wholesome and natural food on offer. Sourced by ethical and sustainable methods, each and every brand of food and treats in our store contains only the finest ingredients, and are free from anything nasty meaning you can guarantee you're buying the highest quality food on the market. 

Located in the depths of the West Country, our aim is to deliver and simplify feeding for conscientious dog owners across Cornwall. We only supply the best quality products from top brands such as Canagan, Forthglade, Natures Menu and Natural Instinct, as well as new, innovative products to assist in you in your efforts to provide the best diet possible for your pets.

Sourcing Sustainable Ingredients

When it comes to the ingredients in our pet treats and food, we pride ourselves on stocking and selling products that contain only the best ingredients that are locally and ethically sourced, resulting in a product that is both delightfully delicious and supports British farming and agriculture.

Every meat, poultry, game and fish product that we produce, sell or promote is local to the UK, sourced ethically and is 100% natural. Any fish-based product in our store has been sourced from British waters, ensuring we are doing what we can to support the British fishing market.

For us, every product that we sell showcases the best of British farming, and we believe if it’s not good enough for us, it’s certainly not good enough for our pets. So we maintain close relationships with all brands that we stock and sell, to ensure every product on our shelves does only provide our pets with a multitude of health benefits, but is also amazing for our environment.

Provide Quality Customer Service

With a small team inside our doors, caring for each and every customer is at the heart of our business. As the pitter patter of tiny paws enter our shop door, we guarantee to give you any help you may need when shopping at our store.

Owners Jordan and Katy can regularly be seen inside the shop, ready to give out their expert advice. The Natural Cornish Pet Shop is more than just a pet shop; it's a family. Working tirelessly to ensure customers and their pets receive the best possible advice and assistance when needed, our team are at the heart of the community so much so that they have regulars that pop into see us weekly.

Both our in-store and online team are on hand whenever you need us to answer even the smallest question about any aspect of your pet’s diet, and with a pet café and bakery on-site, we welcome even the newest customers to pop in and see what we have to offer.

As a team of evident animal adorers, we love being a store that is dedicated to providing the people and pets of Cornwall with great food, tasty treats and the help and support they need to give their pets the longest and happiest of lives. We are more than just a shop. We are a part of our community.

So next time you’re thinking about what food to feed yourself and your pet, visit your local retailer (like us) and see what amazing things they really do have to offer.


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