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Top Christmas Toys for Dogs

Top Christmas Toys for Dogs

As our pets wake on Christmas morning and thoughts of sleigh bells and reindeers enter their minds, our focus turn to their bundle of presents laying beneath the tree. From tasty treats to tremendous toys, there is really nothing more special than watching our furry friends paw open their presents when Santa has paid a visit.

With a fantastic range of tremendous toys on offer at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, there really is no better place to stock up on your pets' favourite balls, squeakers and plushes, ready for the big day. Created by our favourite brands and guaranteed to keep your pet’s tail wagging all the way through to dinner time. We have created a couple of toy bundles that should definitely be under your tree this Christmas...

KONG Luxury Plush Toy Bundle

Featuring five of KONG’s amazing range of pawfect plush toys, this luxurious bundle of cuddly critters is everything your dog needs to stay cosy and cuddled this yuletide season. With a range of cute creatures packed into this brilliant bundle, from snuggly plushies to squeaking cuddlies, this variety bundle packs all your favourite dog toys into one easy purchase.

KONG Luxury Plush Toy Bundle

KONG Luxury Plush Toy Bundle for Large Dogs includes:

KONG Dynos T-Rex Blue Large

These adorable plush toys are made with a reinforced lining for long-lasting games. The unique and varied textures intrigue dogs and promote active play. For extra fun, KONG Dynos squeak and contain crinkle sounds. Shop Individually Here>

KONG Shaker Honker Large Turkey

KONG Shaker Honker Turkey is a good-timeobbler whose internal neck features a texture that satisfies a dogs’ natural chewing instincts while the long floppy legs spark shaking and tugging playtime fun. The low tone squawk and the reinforced plush design keep dogs interested and playing longer. Shop Individually Here>

KONG Wubba Finz Blue

The new KONG Wubba Finz has long floppy tails that make it easy for tugging and super fun for your dog to shake, satisfying natural thrashing instincts.

Two balls inside help KONG Wubba Finz bounce and squeak extending games of catch and release for tons of healthy, active play. This flying fish is made to soar through the air and launch your dog into a fetching frenzy! Floppy tails ideal for tugging and thrashing Interior balls for bouncing and squeaking to entice play aerodynamically designed to fling further. Shop Individually Here>

KONG Stretchezz Jumbo Snow Leopard

KONG Jumbo Stretchezz is an extra-large addition to the Stretchezz family and will add a spring in your dog’s step with over 2 1/2 more feet to love. Three fun squeakers and crinkle sounds span the long stretchy body to ignite dogs natural instincts, gearing up for play. Shop Individually Here>

KONG Cozie Ali Alligator

The KONG Cozie Ali Alligator is a soft and luxuriously cuddly plush toy great for snuggle time comfort. Made with an extra layer of material for added strength, the KONG Cozie Ali Alligator is an ideal toy for softer chew sessions and indoor fun. Shop Individually Here>

Shop KONG Luxury Plush Toy Bundle>

KONG Puzzles Bundle

For dogs who love a more interactive play, the KONG Puzzles bundle is definitely for you. With a terrific trio of brain boosting toys, here’s to keeping our pets occupied whilst we dip our hands into our second box of Celebrations!

KONG Puzzles Bundle

The Kong Puzzles Bundle features the following toys:

KONG Lock-it

KONG Lock-it is a treat puzzle that keeps dogs playing and engaged while they eat. Designed for variety, this toy provides a varied challenge for dogs while rewarding them with treats or kibble along the way. Fill pods with treats or kibble and lock them together with a simple twist, to vary the challenge connect or add multiple pods together for added fun. Each small pod holds up to 1/4 cup, each medium pod holds up to 1/3 cup while each large pod holds up to 1/2 cup making this toy a food bowl alternative helping with mental engagement and weight management. Shop Individually Here>

KONG Spin It - Large

KONG Spin It Large is a toy designed to keep your dog busy whilst on the go. When pushed with a paw or nose KONG Spin It temps your pup by spinning and rolling away, rewarding with treats or kibble as it moves. Shop Individually Here>

KONG Rewards Ball 

KONG Rewards Ball is one of KONG’s most popular toys. A rolling, bouncing fun-filled feast that’s as tough as it is fun; KONG Rewards randomly dispenses treats or kibble as a dog moves it around. Providing healthy mental stimulation, the unique shape also has an unpredictable bounce that keeps dogs active while they play. The durable material, designed for long-lasting sessions of quiet fun, can also be used for meals to manage weight. Shop Individually Here>

Shop KONG Puzzles Bundle>


So with two amazing toy bundles packed with a range of toys and treats to keep your dog entertained after all the unwrapping excitement is over, put their names on the good list this year and keep their tails wagging all day long.

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