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Top Class Toppers

Top Class Toppers

Can you imagine eating the same meal every day for weeks?

For our dogs, this is often a reality. With their dry kibble acting as a primary source of food for weeks on end – surely it must be boring eating the same ingredients every. Single. Day.

Well, here’s where we can help. Although our dog’s dry kibble provides everything your dog needs for a delicious and nutritional dinner, like us humans, our dogs can get bored with munching on the same meat and vegetables every time their bowl is placed on the floor. Unable to raid the fridge and cook up a concoction of culinary creativity, our dogs depend on us to provide them with a variety of flavours to keep their palettes excited and tails wagging all day long.

But how you might ask? Well, it’s easy. In addition to our superb range of dry delicious kibble, we stock a wide range of food toppers that can be added to your dog’s food to compliment those meaty flavours and give your dog a little something extra than their regular crunchy biscuits. From wet complimentary to fishy fantasies; our toppers are guaranteed to get your dog’s lip smacking right until the very last bite!

Forthglade Complimentary Dinners

Forthglade Just 90% Just Chicken Dog Food - Wet Forthglade

Created in the heart of the Devonshire countryside, their food is exactly what it says on the tin. Made to compliment your dog’s regular food and give them a tasty addition to their already scrumptious kibble.

Containing 90% meat , including chicken, duck, lamb etc. along with a little water to gently steam, this food is designed to help you tailor mealtimes for your four-legged friend. You can add this delicious & naturally nutrient-packed food to any good quality dry food, or your own selection of fibre-rich vegetables for a balanced diet.

Made with natural ingredients and completely grain-free, these delicious complimentary dinners can be given to puppies aged 2 months old and above to provide your dog with all the nutrition and flavour they need for a delightfully delicious dinner again and again and again!

Shop the Forthglade range here!

Fish Cubes

Our very own Fish Cube dog treats can be used to add some fishy flavour to your dog’s dry kibble. All natural and air dried, the 100% white fish contained treats are perfect when it comes to wholesome, low fat, omega-rich, natural, grain-free treat. Adding a few fish cubes, or crushing them and sprinkling the flakes over your dogs food, is guaranteed to make meal times interesting again!

Made with sustainably caught fish from UK waters, these Cornish fish snacks contain no additives or preservatives. Not only are these little treats rich in nutrients, they are also incredibly low in fat meaning they are the ideal treat for the pooches out there who are trying to keep fit and trim.

Bulk 1kg Fish Cubes by Just Fish Treats Dog Treats Natural Cornish Pet

Packed with Omega 3 oils to keep your dog’s skin and coat in tip top condition, these real fish skin cubes will not only provide your dog with a taste for fish, but give them the vitamins and minerals they need to their bodies fighting fit and looking as beautiful as ever too.

Available in bulk-buy options, if your dog is a lover of fish then purchasing a large bag for treats and topping their food is definitely the way forward. Investing in a larger purchase of our fantastic fish treats, won’t only be great for your dog but will save those pennies too as many of our fish treats come with multi-buy/bulk-buy savings.

So no matter what your dog likes to eat, if they're becoming bored with their everyday kibble, invest in some of our fantastic and flavoursome tasty toppers today, and watch your dog’s taste buds explode and gobble up their food whilst enjoying some much-needed wholesome, all natural, variety.

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