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Top Tough Toys

Top Tough Toys

We all know the importance of playtime in our dog’s lives.

Making up for a significant portion of their daily exercise, playtime not only maintains their physical health, but boosts their mental health and brain power too!

However, for those of us out there that own a canine that loves to chomp and chew, playtime can have disastrous effects on that pretty (often expensive!) plush that you just brought home. As the most chomptastic chewers easily munch their ways through their brand new sets of terrific toys, many of us wonder; what toy could possibly withstand the toughness of their teeth?

With a vast variety of durable and fun toys on offer, here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have everything your chewing dog needs to have hours upon hours of playtime, without your living room looking like a horror movie.

From strong rubber chews to ultra-durable rope toys, when it comes to tough toys, we have the ones for you.

KONG Extreme Range

Made with the highest durable rubber, KONG’s Extreme Range features the same strong design as their classic toy range, but with double the strength and durability.

Designed with a sleek, black colouring, these tough chews are ideal for the strongest of chompers and chewers. Enriching and supporting a dog’s natural instinct to chew, these toys are a fantastic way to keep their shreading days at bay and satiate their need to chomp all day long.

Perfect for active dogs, these three brilliant designs are safe to use throughout all life stages, and are great for dogs who easily break and destroy toys such as tennis balls and rope tugs. The 'Extreme Ball', 'Extreme Bone' and 'Extreme Flyer' are definitely a trio of tough toys our pooch will want to get their paws on.

Shop the KONG Extreme Range Now!

SportsPet Tough Bounce Ball

Balls. Our dogs love them! These spherical pieces of fun send our dogs into a world of frenzy, and have been a staple toy in dog’s homes throughout the course of history. Ideal for games such as fetch, balls are a significant factor in our dog’s playtime, therefore it is imperative the ones we choose are durable and long-lasting.
For dogs that seem to chomp their way through tennis ball after tennis ball, SportsPet have created a ball that is both fun to use and super tough.
Here’s introducing the ‘Tough Bounce Ball’

Super safe and highly durable, these extra bouncy balls are ideal for dogs with a “keener bite”.

Featuring superior quality rubber and incredible thickness, SportsPet Tough Bounce balls are a fantastic addition to your dog’s ball collection!

Shop SportsPet Tough Bounce Balls Here!

Our Best Bear

Another fantastic creation from the King of Toys, KONG’s 'Wild Knots' Bear is an ideal solution for chewers that love a plush to cuddle, but will withstand the toughest of teeth. KONG Wild Knots Bear takes the image of the cute, cuddly teddy bear and transforms him into a soft yet durable toy that your dog will forever hold close to their heart.

With the knotted skeleton and reinforced plush body, your dog will fall head over paws for this patchwork beauty.

Designed to provide extra durability, less stuffing for less mess and an adorable squeaker results in a toy perfect to entice play and cuddle for quieter times. The Wild Knots bear is definitely one bear, they will never forget!

Available in 3 Different Sizes, Shop KONG Wild Knots Bears Here!

Chuck it! Rugged

Chuckit! toys are designed to take playtime to the next level. These dynamic products are not intended to be solo play toys, but are instead built on innovation and ergonomic design, meant to be enjoyed with both yourself and your four-legged friend.

Designed to withstand even the toughest of plays, Chuckit!'s Rugged Bumper and Flyer take playtime to the extreme, and give your pooch all the durability they need to enjoy a good ole chomp.

The Rugged Bumper has a tough core with softer outer ridges for easy pickup, and nylon straps at either end for fun tugging games... and it even floats, so your pooch can chomp away even during wetter playtimes.

With ultra-strong material and cleverly designed for the toughest of chewers, Chuckit! Toys are an ideal gift for our four-legged friends that like to chomp all day long!

With a wide range of ultra-tough toys available, shop the Whole Chuckit! Range online here! 

Kind on even the strongest of knashers, our toys are pawfect for those pooches out there that tear and tug. So with enough tough toys to take your furry friend’s fancy, pick up a selection of ultra-durable toys today and watch your pooch have all the fun without any disaster afterwards.

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