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Order now and receive *Free Delivery on orders over £49
Toys! Toys! Toys!

Toys! Toys! Toys!

Like a child unwrapping a present, the joyful expression on our pet’s face when they receive a new toy is something we all hold dear to us.

Soft toys, squeaky toys, tug & pull toys, the Natural Cornish Pet Shop have everything you'll need to make your furry friend’s face glow and keep them occupied for hours and hours of fun!

When it comes to understanding your dog’s playtime needs, we think ourselves as experts. There is nothing better for our dogs than busting hours of boredom with their favourite toy. Understanding our dog’s desires to play, we’ve decided to not just have single toys on offer, but a bundle of our top sellers.

Why buy a bundle?

With the world finding more economical ways to shop, buying in bulk has always been one of our go-to methods when it comes to finding greener ways to purchase our favourite things.

As many of our doggy products feature bulk-buy offers, it would have been madness to leave our range of toys out from this offer. As dogs harbour more toys than many small children (at least in our houses anyway!), purchasing just one seems silly when you could get a whole gang of cuddly cuteness for a money-saving bargain instead!

Here, at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand the importance of playtime on a dog’s schedule. Beneficial for mental stimulation and physical health, purchasing a bundle of toys for your pooch can not only provide them with hours of fun, but a variety of activities to stay excited with, as no two toys in our bundles are the same. Featuring a mix of cuddly, crinkly, squeaky and ropey toys, our bundles are everything your dog needs to keep their minds active and paws active all day long.

Our Dog Toy Bundles

Is there anything better than an amazing toy? Yes! A whole selection of amazing toys!

Our dog toy bundles provide your dog with all their playtime needs, giving your pooch a selection of activities to burst those boredom moments and keep their brains and bodies occupied for hours and hours of fun.

Love to snuggle?

Check our KONG’s Luxury Plush Toy Bundle.

KONG Luxury Plush Toy Bundle for Large Dogs Bundles Boxes & Gifts Natural Cornish Pet

Included in this brilliant bundle is a range of KONG's scrumptiously soft plush toys to give your dog all the comfort and fun they need for a cuddletastic playtime. Made with reinforced linings, highly durable and super comforting, these KONG classics will keep your dog occupied for hours and when the fun is over provides your pooch with the perfect snuggle pal to settle down to. 

With soft, snuggly fur or crunchy, crinkly skin – this brilliant bundle will bust any boredom your four-legged friend may be facing and provide them with hours of wagtastic fun whilst giving them something cosy and cuddly to snuggle with after a hard day’s play!

This superb set features:

  • KONG Dynos T-Rex Blue Large
  • KONG Shaker Honker Large Turkey
  • KONG Wubba Finz Blue
  • KONG Stretchezz Jumbo Lion
  • Kong Cozie Ali Alligator

Shop Our KONG Luxury Plush Toy Bundle Here

Love to chew?

Check out our Tough Chewers Toy Bundle.

Tough Chewers Toy Bundle For Dogs Dog Toys Natural Cornish Pet

Featuring KONG’s range of tough toys, this brilliant bundle of boredom busters is perfect for the more active chewers out there. The superstar of this bundle comes in the form of KONG’s classic chew. Specially shaped for maximum chewing and play, their classic chew can be filled with treats or our very own Peanut Butter to give your pooch a playtime to remember.    

Get your paws on this now, priced at £43.99 - Shop Here


Want something noisy?

Check out KONG’s Under the Sea Bundle

KONG Sea Creatures Toy Bundle for Dogs Bundles Boxes & Gifts Natural Cornish Pet

Cuddling sea creatures has never been so cute. Consisting of the tremendous Under the Sea trio – Octopus, Seahorse and Whale, KONG’s ocean pals are a perfect toy for those dogs who love a responsive toy. Fitted with interior squeakers and crinkle sounds to encourage play, these toys are everything your dog needs if they love a toy that makes just as much noise as they do!

Available for £25.99, dive into a world of playtime with our Under The Sea Bundle by shopping here!

With Natural Cornish Pet Shop, you don’t just get one incredible toy – you get a bundle. So if your dog is in need of a little more fun, invest in one of these superb sets and keep your dog’s tail wagging for hours and hours of pawfect playtime!

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