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Train with a Treat

Train with a Treat

When it comes to training your pet, there really is no better tool than a packful of treats. Used to reward good behaviour and maintain your pet’s focus when coaching new commands or teaching tricks, treats are a fundamental tool in building the bond between you and your four-legged friend. 

As the first stages in your dog’s life is one of the most important for learning the ways of the world, training is vital in ensuring your dog both understands and responds to your instructions to strengthen your relationship but most importantly to keep them safe when out and about. Treats act as a scrumptious reward and can also help give your pooch a nutritional boost alongside their daily diet. 

Keep it Consistent

Like all elements of your dog’s diet, it is fundamental to avoid drastic changes in their food and treats to keep their tummies in tip top shape and avoid stomach issues that can result in sudden changes such as gas, bloating and inconsistent poops. 

But consistency is not only important to keep your pet’s tummy safe, it is also vital in the training process. Throughout time our dogs become familiar with treats as a reward. Whether it is lead control or toilet training in puppies, consistently rewarding positive behaviour will have a positive affect on your four-legged friends behaviour during training periods til the need for treats is no more as your dog learns to follow instructions on command. 

Our Top Training Treats

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand the importance of providing your pooch with handfuls of wholesome and healthy goodness. From fruity bites to meaty morsels, our selection of treats are packed with all the goodness and flavour your furry friend needs to excel in those times of training and will also help build the bond between you. 

JR Training Treats

Pawfect for those playful pups, JR’s training treats are mighty meaty mouthfuls of wholesome goodness that your dog will love. Containing nothing more than 100% pure meat, these blissful bites will get your dog’s attention as soon as you open the packet. 

Completely grain-free and suitable for dogs from any age, these scrumptious snacks come in a wide variety of flavours including kangaroo and ostrich making them a top choice of dogs who struggle to digest regular meats such as chicken and beef. 

Selection of JR training treats for dogs
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Woolf Fruity Strips

If you fancy rewarding your pooch with something fabulous and fruity, Woolf’s range of fruit strips are the treat of choice for dogs that prefer something a little more exciting. 

Made with superfruits cranberry and blueberry and high quality proteins, these amazing anti-oxidant laden scrumptious strips can be cut down giving your playful pup handfuls more goodness during their training. 

Their soft and chewy textures are also ideal for supporting your dog’s overall oral health massaging your pooch’s gum line as they sink their gnashers into this tasty treat. These treats also make a great addition to your dog’s diet as the immune boosting support of these superberry chews not only health to keep their bodies super healthy but will introduce your pup to fruity flavours that they will love time and time again. 

Woolf Fruity Soft Strips Bundle cranberry and blueberry packs
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Natures Menu Mini Treats

Made with 95% meat, these treats are straight from Mother Nature herself. Packed with pawfuls of protein and perfect for reward-based training, these meaty mouthfuls are ideal for giving your dog something scrumptious when they have done something to make you smile. 

Grain-free and stuffed with wholesome goodness, Nature’s Menu mini treats are a perfect healthy snack and suited for dogs of any breed and age. What’s great about these scrumptious selection of tasty treats is that they come in resealable packs making them pawfect for on the go. 

Available in a variety of flavours and pack sizes, no matter what protein your pooch loves best, there is definitely a tasty treat they will love on this magical menu. 

Packet of Natures Menu Chicken & Lamb Mini Treats
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So after nearly a year of lockdown, many of us have come to realise just how special our four-legged friends are. With animal adoption and pet purchasing on the rise over the past year, we have all the treats you could need to keep your pooch rewarded in the best way possible. 

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