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Treat Yourself to Something Natural

Treat Yourself to Something Natural

When it comes to food or treats, we believe only natural, wholesome products are the best for our pooches!

From chews to biscuits, those extra special bites of brilliance that we give for great behaviour should be just as healthy as the daily food in their bowl. No preservatives, additives or nonsense ingredients fill up the treats at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we only sell all-natural treats that showcase the best Mother Nature has to offer.

But what’s the difference in our treats? What sets them apart from each other? Well, here at our shop, no two of our brands are the same. Each making their treats in a variety of natural ways, every single one of our brands is special and significant because of the special way they create their tasty treats. From air-dried to traditionally baked, here’s everything you need to know about how our treats are made and which ones are best for your four-legged friend.

Air-Dried Treats

The process of air-drying food, while similar to dehydration, produces an extremely nutrient-dense food with scoop-and-serve convenience. Dehydration involves a slow, gentle process of using warm air to remove water or moisture from raw ingredients to preserve them. It is free of artificial preservatives and still has nutrients and enzymes intact. Air-drying slowly and gently evaporates moisture from the raw ingredients, eliminating harmful pathogens while preserving vital nutrients, offering nutrition similar to a raw diet ensuring all the right vitamins and minerals are locked into your dog’s tasty treats!

Scrumptious Sprats

100% Natural Dried Sprats for Dogs Dog Treats Just Fish Treats

When it comes to tasty toppers, we recommend nothing else than our scrumptious sprats. Our very own Air-Dried Sprats are an ideal treat or reward for your four legged friend. Containing only 100% dried sprats, these naturally air-dried treats are created to lock in all that scrumptious fishy flavour, and to retain those beneficial nutrients and oils to keep your dog’s tummy tame, their coat glossy and their brain and eyes as sharp as ever.

Made right here in the UK, these best of British treats can be used to top your dog’s delicious dinner or be given as a treat or reward for their brilliant behaviour.

Prices starting at £2.49, Shop Our Dried Sprats Here!

Tasty Tendons

Large Beef Neck Tendons Dog Treats Natural Cornish Pet

Another of our amazing air-dried specials are our meaty Tendons that are the perfect snack for all dogs. They are tough textured, amazingly delicious and will keep dogs busy and happy for hours! These chews are naturally high in protein, low in fat, and contain no additives, chemicals, or preservatives.

Our Tendons are available in either beef or venison, and make the perfect snack for dogs of all ages and sizes, especially dogs who enjoy chewing and require longer-lasting chew treats!

Shop Beef Tendons Here / Shop Venison Tendons Here

Grain-Free Bakes

The team at Lily’s Kitchen is dedicated to creating food and treats that are exactly what they say on the label. 100% natural and no nastiness added. When it comes to wholesome pet food, Lily’s Kitchen knows their stuff.

Slowly oven cooked and free from both grains and cereals, Lily’s Kitchen’s range of baked treats are an ideal reward for your pooch no matter what age or size they are. With only the best natural ingredients used in their varieties of grain-free baked treats, you don't look further than Lily's Kitchen.

Lily's Kitchen Rise & Shines Baked Treats Dog Treats Lily's Kitchen

Rise & Shine Baked Treats

These delicious, flower shaped, complementary treats are slowly oven-cooked until golden and crunchy, and are a fabulous way for your pooch to start their morning.

Packed with yummy, naturally nutritious ingredients, these rewarding biscuits are the perfect way to keep your canine companion in tip-top condition!

Shop Lily's Kitchen Rise & Shine Biscuits Here for £2.99

Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits Baked Treats Dog Treats Lily's Kitchen

Bedtime Bakes

These artisanal biscuits are made with delicious organic ingredients including organic oats and organic rye flour. The organic chamomile and passionflowers are botanicals associated with helping to get a good night’s sleep.

Mixed with organic probiotic yoghurt, which is a lovely soothing ingredient that may aid digestion, their bedtime baked biscuits are naturally nutritious and made to a recipe with no nasties whatsoever!

Sleep Easy with Lily's Kitchen Bedtime Bakes for £2.99

Tasty Training Treats

When it comes to tasty treats for our pooches, there is nothing better than a mighty meaty mouthful. Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we adore meaty treats but we refuse to stock any treat that doesn’t contain the meat it says on the label. Each of our brands promise that the meat that is advertised on the label, is featured in every single bite of their meaty treats, with no nasty artificial flavours!

Natural Dog Treats - Canagan Salmon Dog Biscuit Bakes Dog Treats Canagan

Canagan Biscuit Bakes

Hand crafted in carbon-neutral wood fired ovens with tartar control and joint health, Canagan Biscuit Bakes are delicious natural treats for dogs.

Completely grain-free and a featuring a wholesome blend of protein and botanicals, these crunchy cookies are a fantastic reward for brilliant behaviour!

Available for £3.99 in the following flavours:

JR Pure Treats

Jr Pure Training Treats Variety - 9 x 85g Dog Treats JR Pet Products

Made from the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat… and that’s it! These Grain and Gluten-free treats contain – no additives, no preservatives…. nothing but meat!

These delicious training treats are responsibly sourced from Europe and made from human-grade meat. Suitable for for dogs of all shapes and sizes, including both kibble and raw-fed dogs, there are 12 varieties to choose from!

With so many healthy and hypoallergenic choices, there is something for every dog no matter how complex their dietary needs.

Shop the JR Natural Treats range here!

No matter what type of treat you are looking for, there will definitely be a treat for your four-legged friend that will give them all the nutritional benefits they need to live a long and happy life!

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