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Treats by Hownd

Treats by Hownd

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we only stock and sell the best, all-natural, highest quality brands that we know your pooches will come to know and love.

From food to toys, we stand by each and every one of the products we sell, because if it’s not the best…then we simply don’t sell it!

So we can’t think of a better brand to bark about than HOWND. Supplying a range of tremendous treats to support our pets in every single life stage and throughout any problems they might face, HOWND is a brand your furry friend definitely needs to know about. Ethically sourced with dog’s health and welfare in mind; here’s introducing HOWND – leaders in innovation and the next dog brand you need in your pet’s pantry.

Tasty Treats

Packed to the brim with wholesome goodness and ethically sourced local ingredients, HOWND HEMP WELLNESS TREATS are 100% natural, hypoallergenic, gluten free, grain free, human grade and completely vegetarian.

Containing the magical plant of hemp, this incredible ingredient is renowned for providing a multitude of natural health benefits, and is full of super healthy fats (such as omegas 3,6 & 9) which are vital for optimal skin health. In addition to the wholesome hemp, these treats also contain minerals known to tackle common health issues in dogs. So no matter what furry friend you have, you’re guaranteed to have a happy HOWND.

These tasty treats come in cookie shaped pieces that have been oven baked to lock in all those fantastic flavours & nutrients. Whether it's a calming snack or a puppy reward, HOWND treats can be given to all dogs of all shapes and sizes. Easily digestible and stuffed with all-natural goodness, these terrific treats will keep your dog satisfied time and time again!

How does Hemp Help?

Our dog’s health and well-being is kept under check by the hormone known as prostaglandins. They contribute to aiding all manner of bodily functions, from your dogs muscles right down to their circulatory system. 

As Hemp Oil contains a robust amount of Omega 3 & 6 (acids needs to make prostaglandins), your four-legged friend’s body is gaining an added boost of the hormone needed to keep their bodies healthy and tails wagging all day long!

Beneficial for reducing joint pain and avoiding skin conditions, hemp oil contributes significantly to your dog’s healthy lifestyle. No need for added unpalatable supplements, instead try some hemp treats today and keep your pooch fighting fit for the rest of their lives!

Playful Pup

Ideal training treats for those playful pups, these Hownd treats are perfect for encouraging positive behaviour in our home’s new furry addition.

Rich in calcium, these tasty treats will provide your brand new pup with all the growth boosts they need to keep them fighting fit long after their puppy days are over. Packed with vitamins, minerals and fantastically fibrous, these treats are not just fantastic for overall health but are gentle on digestion too meaning no extra stinky mess when your puppy has had a gobble.

Available for £4.49, shop HOWND's Playful Pup Treats here!

Got an Itch?

When those irritating itches begin despite your furry friend being flea free, sometimes turning to a skin supplement can be out of the question, so Hownd have created these fantastic skin-soothing treats that will tempt those teeth away from chomping their sore skin.

With added Turmeric – a magical herb containing the active compound curcumin which has antioxidant properties, this skin soothing tasty cookies are everything your itchy pooch needs for a scratch free day!

Available for £4.49, shop HOWND's Got an Itch? Treats here!

Keep Calm

From separation anxiety to nuisance noises, our four-legged friends can become anxious in all sorts of situations. Taking long journeys, having owners away from home or even just a noisy street can result in our dogs becoming overwhelmed, effecting everything from behaviour to their digestive system.

Wanting to ease nervousness and anxiety in our furry friends, Hownd have created a range of treats that attempt to soothe those nerves and keep our dogs as happy as ever. Their Keep Calm treats contain added Camomile (yes, like the tea!) to help your best friend unwind. Camomile is also known to aid stress and anxiety, making this treat ideal as a bedtime treat, or before a car journey or trip to the vet.

Available for £4.49, Shop HOWND's Keep Calm Treats here!

Yup! You Stink

HOWND's much-celebrated 'Yup You Stink!' pet care range tackles all things stinky.

These treats are our first solution for smelly breath, as they contain dried mint as well as parsley, a wonderful culinary herb for tackling bad breath. It is also known to aid digestion and is kind to our best friends’ tummies.

So when stinky breath and those in-between brush days become too much, give your hownd one of these crunchy cookies and get their breath smelling fresh all day long!

Available for £4.49, Shop HOWND's Yup! You Stink Treats here!

Golden Oldies

Who said treats were just for younger dogs? When it comes to looking after our pets, Hownd ensure that everyone, from puppies to golden oldies are kept fighting fit throughout all of their lives. With these treats providing extra support for joints and bones, these tasty treats will keep their bodies feeling as if they are running around like the good old days.

With added Chondroitin and glucosamine, if your dog is starting to show signs of ageing, a few Golden Oldies treats a day may help to ease and support stiff joints. Chondroitin is a naturally occurring component of cartilage that helps to keep your dog’s joints cushioned when they move, while Glucosamine helps repair the cartilage, keeping their bodies moving all day long! 

Available for £4.49, shop HOWND's Golden Oldies Treats here!

With the benefits of hemp completely undeniable, it’s rather shocking it has taken us so long to start putting this pawfect plant into our pet’s lifestyle!

With a range of hemp HOWND treats available, whether you have an itchy dog, a smelly dog or a dog that needs a little extra TLC in their golden oldie days, have a helping hand (or paw!) from HOWND today and have yourself one happy hound.

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