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Trek with Treats

Trek with Treats

From meaty mouthfuls to fishy favourites, our dogs really do love a good old treat. Providing rewards for positive behaviour inside and outside the house, treats can be a fundamental tool in securing the bond between you and four-legged friend. 

With National Walk your Dog Month celebrated across the month of January, we are encouraging you more than ever to walk in the wilderness with your furry friend in tow. From blissful beach wanders to woodland strolls, there is no better time to walk your dog than right here and now. But for times when your pooch needs a little extra TLC and reinforcement when out and about, here’s a list of our top tasty treats that are ideal to take with you on your trek in the great outdoors. 

Our Top Tasty Treats

Made with the finest quality ingredients and packed to the brim with wholesome goodness, our selection of scrumptious snacks is everything you need to reward your dog after a hard day’s walk. From fish cookies to meaty bites, when it comes to choosing a tasty treat, you won’t find anything more wholesome, healthy and nutritious than the treats at Natural Cornish Pet Shop. 

Salmon Cookies

Our very own Salmon & Potato Cookies make a great wholesome treat, or on-the-go snack and is a perfect addition to a raw food diet. Containing nothing but all-natural ingredients, these whisker twitching treats are an ideal snack for dogs wishing to introduce the benefits of salmon into their diets. 

Featuring salmon sourced from British waters, our Salmon Cookies are made just down the road in Newlyn. These locally sourced treats have been flying off shelves since their introduction and as we know your dog’s love them so much, we have introduced bulk-buy bags packed to the brim with these crunchy bites of fish fabulousness.

With our smaller packets available in a handy re-sealable pouch, these treats are ideal for on the go! 

Salmon and potato dog cookies

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JR Training Treats

For those dog owners out there who may be taking a small pooch out for a walk this winter, training them on a lead whilst out and about can be a tricky task. With a whole new world of smells and action right before them, our younger dogs can become easily distracted when experiencing the outdoors for the first time. 

These scrumptious snacks at JR are ideal treats for training inside and outside the house. Their award winning Pure Range is made from the finest cuts of 100% fresh meat. Grain and gluten free – no additives, no preservatives…. nothing! 100% Natural. 100% delicious. 

These tasty training treats are responsibly sourced and made from human grade meat. Suitable for all breeds as well as both dry and raw-fed dogs can enjoy the benefits of these treats. There are 11 varieties to choose from, with several healthy and hypoallergenic choices there is something for every dog no matter how complex their dietary needs. 

Some of the fabulous flavours of these super sticks are:  

  • Rabbit 
  • Lamb 
  • Duck
  • Kangaroo
  • Turkey
Jr Pure Training Treats Variety Pack Lamb, Salmon & Beef
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Forthglade Soft Bites

Completely grain-free and featuring the best ingredients our British soil has to offer, Forthglade Soft Bites pack all the same meaty and botanical goodness as their regular treats but in a scrumptiously softer and chewable exterior meaning they are kind to teeth and tummies.

These delightfully delicious soft-baked snacks are hand-made meaning each and every meaty mouthful has been created with the utmost love and care for each and every single one of our pets. At Forthglade, their products are much more than just a dog treat, they are created to provide our pets with all the nutrition and support they need to live a long and healthy life.

Available in the following flavours:

  •         Turkey
  •         Salmon
  •         Salmon with Herring
  •         Chicken with Duck
Forthglade Soft Bite Treats with Chicken and Duck
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Lily’s Kitchen Biscuit Bakes

For a crunchier option when out and about, these blissfully basked biscuits from the brains at Lily’s Kitchen have a great range of tasty treats for your four-legged friends. 

Slowly oven cooked and free from grains and cereals, Lily’s Kitchen’s range of baked treats are an ideal reward for your pooch no matter what age or size. With the most natural of ingredients used in each of their varieties, if there is any kitchen your treats want to come from – it’s Lily’s.

Their Cheese and Apple Training Treats are bite-sized natural biscuits made with fresh organic apples and mature organic farmhouse cheddar. They are low in fat, high in taste and full of healthy ingredients. Reward your best friend with these yummy organic treats that are traditionally oven baked and mini biscuit size – perfect for use whilst training. Made to a wholesome recipe with no nasties whatsoever, they are a scrumptious snack to reward your pooch for all their great behaviour. 

Lily's Kitchen Training Treats with Cheese & Apple
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So if you are wandering the wilderness this winter, pack your pooch some scrumptious snacks and make their walkies more memorable this January.

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