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FREE Delivery over £59* | Previously known as Natural Cornish Pet
Very Dirty Dog Ready for a Bath

Tropiclean at Natural Cornish Pet Shop

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop we know there's so many things to love about dogs, from their excitement when welcoming you home to their unwavering devotion to us, they are one of the best things in life. However, there is one thing that can be a tiny bit off-putting when it comes to loving our furry friends and the one thing that most dog owners could all probably do without….. the smells! Whether it’s a breath that makes your guests baulk, a coat with a scent for halloween or fur that could just do with a good clean, having a smelly dog can be a real nuisance for the nose when romping around the house or giving you those slobbery kisses. All of these problems do however have solutions and at Natural Cornish Pet we are here always happy and proud to be able to help our amazing customers. 

Dirty dog walking in mud


When it comes to brands that we stock, only the best will do and when it comes to grooming, we know Tropiclean is top of the pile. Formed in the early nineties when the brains behind Tropiclean noticed that cleansing products for people were being made with great ingredients but there was a serious lack of all natural and wholesome grooming products for pets. This began a 30 year, and continuing, obsession with keeping your dogs and other pets clean and smelling great without the use of harsh chemicals. The naturally sourced ingredients in every bottle of Tropiclean are specially formulated with your pets' best interest at heart and are a brilliant option when you need to get your pooch into the bathroom! 

Tropiclean logo

In 2010 Tropiclean took the pet grooming market by storm, yet again, with the introduction of the Fresh Breath range. Fresh Breath is a doggy dental care solution with a host of options available including many products that can keep up great oral health without the need to brush, which, as you probably know, is never going to be a dog’s favourite pastime. The Tropiclean Fresh Breath range uses a special formula of highly effective all natural ingredients to maintain a healthy mouth and the freshest of breath for your pets. 

In the late 2010’s Tropiclean turned their sights to flea and tick treatments, creating a powerful all natural solution that kills on contact without the need for ingredients such as pyrethrins or permethrin which can be toxic to certain dog breeds and can be deadly to cats. 

Tropiclean at Natural Cornish Pet Shop 

With over 30 years of doggy grooming experience and a glorious range of all natural products to transform even the smelliest of dogs, we knew that Tropiclean should be gracing our shelves at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop. 

So, today with all this in mind we’ve decided to pick out a few of our favourite Tropiclean products to give you a smell of some of the brilliant grooming goodies they produce and how they work.

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Tropiclean Flea And Tick Shampoo 

Designed to keep the ticks away for up to 7 days this shampoo uses the powers of nature to ward off the pests and kill fleas, ticks and mosquitoes on contact. Containing the naturally occurring pest repellent effects of ingredients such as clove, lemongrass, sesame and cinnamon, this shampoo is not only highly effective but is also safe enough to be used in your regular bath time routine. It is worth noting that this product is recommended only for dogs of 12 weeks and up but once your dog is over this age we think it's worth every dog owner having a bottle of this highly effective, all natural dog shampoo in the cupboard. 

 Bottle of Tropiclean maxiumum strength Flea and Tick Shampoo

Tropiclean ‘Papaya Mist’ Deodorising Spray

This deodorising spray is an effective tool when you'd like your dog to smell fresh without going through the rigmarole of bath time. The Tropiclean Deodorising Sprays come in four different scents, Kiwi Blossom, Berry Breeze, Baby Powder and our personal favourite Papaya Mist. These sprays break down odours at the source, effectively deodorising your pets coat, leaving them smelling fresh for days. They also condition your dog's coat, reduce static and leave a gorgeous tropical scent. Tropiclean deodorising sprays from Natural Cornish Pet can be used directly after a wash to maximise freshness as well as between baths to maintain a nose friendly pooch no matter what they've been rolling in!

Bottle of Tropiclean Papaya Mist deodorising spray

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additives

As we all know our oral healthcare is a massively important part of staying healthy and exactly the same can be said for your dogs. But, as some of you may also know, when it comes to dental hygiene our dogs can be less than receptive to keeping up with a routine. However, Tropiclean has come up with some brilliant solutions to this problem. Fresh Breath Water Additives are an oral hygiene solution that can just be added to your dog's water, yep it really is as simple as that. Made to improve your dog's breath as well as bestowing upon them the benefits of plaque and tartar defence with absolutely no brushing needed, who said there wasn't such a thing as the perfect product! Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additives come in four varieties, Oral Care, Oral Care Puppies, Oral Care Plus Hip And Joint and Advance Whitening making it as easy as can be to keep your dogs mouth as clean and fresh as possible using only the finest of natural ingredients.

Bottle of Tropiclean Fresh Breath water additive

When it comes to keeping our pooches smelling great at Natural Cornish Pet Shop we trust in the power of all natural ingredients and we love the way they are used in all of Tropiclean’s products. So, when bath or brush time is approaching make sure you visit us at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, in-store or online, and stock up with some awesome Tropiclean grooming solutions and leave your favourite friend smelling fresh enough for any occasion.

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