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Vote for Veg

Vote for Veg

When it comes to incredible ingredients, there is no better item better for our dogs than what Mother Nature has to offer.

Created from the best British produce on our shores, our vegetable based chews are 100% grain free and are packed to the brim with all the vitamins and minerals your dogs need to live a long and happy life.

Used as a base ingredient in some of our best-selling chews, we believe in the benefits of veggie for our dogs so much that we even decided to create our own delicious chews! Combined with ingredients like peanut butter, fruit and other superfoods, our range of vegetable based chews are everything your dog needs for a nutrient-dense and delicious diet.

Pawtato Chews

In 2005, after realising the incredible benefits that sweet potatoes have to offer our dogs, Benovo set our to create a range of chews based around this wonderful vegetable. Since then, their product range has increased with a fabulous range of sweet potato based chews that are tasty beyond belief.

With a plethora of fantastic flavours, here’s some of our favourite chews from the Pawtato Range!

Spinach and Kale Sticks

Winners of the Peta awards for ‘Best Dog Treats’ in 2018, Spinach and Kale sticks are one of the best-selling products from Pawtato. With a Sweet Potato & Rice exterior with a tasty spinach and kale filling, these chewy treats are winners not only with Peta but with dogs too!

Completely gluten and GMO free, these tasty chews feature all-natural and organically grown sweet potato, and are free from any additives or artificial colours and flavourings, making them a super wholesome treat for your four-legged friend!

Priced at just 1.99 for 4 tubes, these treats are good enough even for Popeye!

Shop Here!

Browse the rest of the Pawtato Range from Benevo Here!

Soopa Dental Sticks

Suitable for any size or age dog out there, these chomptastic chews are a great addition to your dog’s diet, and provides your pooch with one of their five a day.

Looking for a delicious dog treat that's healthy too? Soopa Dental Sticks are a hypoallergenic grain free treat for the dog that loves to chew. Created using natural, human-grade ingredients, they help keep teeth clean and improve doggie breath.

These sticks are bursting with vitamins & minerals, alongside a whole host of other health benefits. Simple, delicious, nutritious and best of all dogs LOVE them!

Their fabulous flavours -

Carrot & Pumpkin –

Made with the “power seeds” – these chews are excellent for skin, coat and
superb at soothing digestion. This mix of our dog’s favourite root vegetables, these tasty treats can help boost immune and brain power.

Cranberry & Sweet Potato –

Packed with the super antioxidant that is cranberry, these excellent chews
are ideal to maintain healthy teeth and gums. With added Flaxseed, it acts as sensational support for dogs, and will help protect canines who suffer from troublesome tummies.

Kale & Apple -

Kale is known as the ‘Queen of Greens’ due to its anti-cancer and immune boosting properties. Kale is also a nutritional powerhouse for your dog, loaded with antioxidants, iron, calcium and important vitamins.

Kelp is one of the planet’s most nutrient-dense foods and is great for
supporting your dog’s skin, coat, nails and teeth, helping keep your dog healthy and happy.

Shop Soopa Dental Sticks Here!

Fruit & Vegetable Star Stick

Another one of the Natural Cornish Pet Shop’s own brand of chews, our fruit and vegetable sticks are a tasty treat for your four-legged friend that is lusciously low in fat.

Featuring amazing flavour combinations including:

  • Tan - Peanut Butter & Banana
  • Green - Spinach & Apple
  • Purple - Purple Sweet Potato & Blueberry

Not only are these treats super tasty, but they are packed with nutritional health boosting fruit & veg that is proven to be beneficial for your dog's health. These chews are also highly digestible, reducing the work needed by your dog’s digestive system.

At great prices and with amazing ingredient,s these are chews that your dog will love and won’t break the bank. With multi-buy offers available across all of our home brand chews, if you want a fantastic range of grain-free chews – look no further than the Natural Cornish Pet Shop!

Shop Fruit & Vegetable Star Sticks Here!

Shop our Money-saving Bundle of 10 Fruit & Vegetable Star Sticks Here!

Vegetable, Pumpkin & Carrot Antler Singles

These Vegetable antlers are packed full of your dogs favourite vegetables, creating a tasty treat that your four-legged friend will definitely go nuts for. As many high-street dental chews can be full of sugar and are often too hard for dogs, these grain-free chews make a superb alternative that is both low in fat and sugar!

Shop Vegetable Pumpkin & Carrot Antlers here!

Vegetable Peanut Butter Crocodiles

Made with ridges to get right between your dog’s teeth, these croctastic treats massage the gums and aid in increasing blood flow, keeping your pooch’s mouth healthy whilst being exceptionally tasty too!

Shop Peanut Butter Crocodiles here!



So with each and every single one of our tasty treats packed to the brim with vital veggies, there is no way your pooch can miss out on their 5 a day. When it comes to filling them with veggies, we have the pawfect way.

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