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We Love Raw

We Love Raw

Providing pets with the optimum level of nutrition and taste has always been a goal here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

Selecting only the best brands to sell online and within our store, we ensure that the pets we care for are receiving the best possible food on offer.

In addition to our dry, wet and cold-pressed options, we also have a wide range of raw food available at our store. Featuring the finest quality proteins, sourced from right here in the UK, raw food is becoming a popular choice among pet lovers across the world, and we couldn’t love it more!

With a bowl-full of benefits for your pet in every serving, here’s why we love raw food, and why you should too.

Incredible Ingredients

If there is anything we adore more than anything, it's the inspiring ingredients that goes into each and every packet of the raw food we sell. Containing only 100% premium grade meat or poultry; if it is not the finest cuts of meat, it is simply not used. Unlike dry extruded and wet food, raw food ensures high quality produce in each and every bite.

Sourced sustainably from British farms across the UK, our raw brands ensure their food is not just beneficial for our pets, but great for the environment too. Ensuring the best conditions on the farms from which their products are sourced results in better quality food for our pets.

What is also amazing about raw food is that it is completely grain free. Grain-free food is fantastic for pets who suffer from allergies or intolerances to cereals, grains or even white potato. Featuring only premium-grade meat, fish, poultry and vegetables, raw food is definitely the option for pets with troublesome tums. Absent of bulking agents, artificial colours, flavours and preservatives ensures your pets are getting exactly what it says on the label – the finest meat on offer.

Brilliant Benefits

From better poos to healthier skin & coat, raw food can have a range of health benefits for our canine companions. At born carnivores, dog’s digestions are built for the process of meat consumption. With dry kibble often unable to provide the amount of meaty nutrition raw food can, the benefits of raw feeding are really second to none and if you don’t believe us – take a look at some of the brilliant benefits these meaty chunks can have:


Top Choices

Creating some of the finest raw food on the market, our brilliant brands of raw food are dedicated to ensuring your pets receive both wholesome nutrition without compromising taste or flavour.

With endless protein options available, no matter what dietary needs your four-legged friend have, there is definitely a raw food option for them. Containing rich and delicious flavours in each and every bite, here’s some of our favourite raw food brands and why their fantastic food is scrumptious beyond belief!

Natural Instinct

This ravishing range of raw food is packed full of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, and is specialised to the different needs & life stages of your dog, with no need for supplements.

Their natural dog food is 100% raw, and gives your dog a complete, balanced and healthy BARF diet. Choose from a range of rich, tasty flavours to find your dog's new favourite natural dog food and help keep them satisfied and full of life.

From chicken to lamb, duck to tripe, your four-legged friend will be spoilt for choice about what delicious dinner will appear in their bowl next. With the finest ingredients available, Natural Instinct Raw Food is definitely one of our favourites!

Browse the Natural Instinct Range Online Here!

Paleo Ridge

From Duck Feet to Beef Mince, the flavour profile of Paleo Ridge is endless. No matter what protein takes your pooch’s fancy, Paleo Ridge has something for you. What makes this dog food so incredible is the no-waste policy when creating their products. Creating food from quality cuts of meat, carcasses and offal, no parts of your dog’s favourite protein goes to waste. Now that’s something special!

All of the Paleo Ridge dog food that we sell is to be used as a complimentary meal (served as a part of their normal diet), or as a treat on super good days. If you wish to place your dog on a completely raw diet, we always advise speaking to your vet before any major dietary changes.

Shop Paleo Ridge Here!

As you can see, it is easy for us to talk about why raw food is so amazing for your pets and why we love it so. But if you don’t believe us, go ahead and try it for yourself and see your four-legged friend have their tails wagging right until the last meaty mouthful!

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