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Essentials for Wet Weather Walkies

Essentials for Wet Weather Walkies

Come rain or shine, we adore taking our four-legged friends on an adventure.

Whether it’s to the beach, park, nearby village or to a local attraction, walking with our dogs is a bonding experience like no other.

However, when the weather doesn’t want to play nice, and summer showers cascade down our windows, we have no other choice but to brave the rain, grab our coats and head out for a wonderful wet walk with our furry friends in tow!

But what to take with us? With the British weather so awfully unpredictable, deciding the best apparel for a wet and wonderful walk can leave us bemused. From jumpers to jackets, harnesses and leads, we have a list of all the top things you need to enjoy a walk with your best friend…no matter what the weather!

Ravishing Rainwear

Simple and efficient ways to keep the dog's body temperature stable in cold weather, Hurrta’s range of pawfect parkas are designed to ensure our dogs remain cosy and comfortable, no matter what the weather might bring!

Aiming to protect your dog's most important muscle groups; the chest and the sensitive abdomen, their jackets are quick to put on and take off, and well suited for warming up the muscles of active dogs before or after training!

Ward off summer showers with our fantastic range of Hurrta jackets!

Outdoors Summit Parka

This highly technical waterproof jacket protects your dog's most important muscle groups, chest and the sensitive abdomen area from any harsh environment. Quick to put on and take off, the jacket is particularly well suited for warming up the muscles of active dogs before or after training. The product has a water-resistant and breathable Houndtex® coating and high-visibility 3M reflectors making it ideal when visibility is poor or you are out late at night.

Expedition Parka

Hurtta's Expedition Parka is an excellent choice for adventures big or small in cold & wet weather. The Expedition Parka has been especially developed for short-haired dogs, and dogs without undercoat, but in cold conditions it is suitable for all other dogs as well.

The protective model of the Expedition Parka is designed to allow for extended range of motion when your dog is running and playing, and is completely water and wind proof, meaning all the fun can be had without your dog becoming wet and cold!

Shop the Hurtta Expedition Parka Range here!

Monsoon Coat

The Monsoon raincoat is an essential outfit for every dog in rainy, windy or muddy weather. With fully waterproof seals, this coat is ideal for any wet weather adventure. Its reflective prints improve visibility in the dark to keep your pooch safe, and the wide belly flap keeps the coat in place, ensuring that it stays on without restricting your dog’s movement, even during boisterous play. Made with fantastic fabric, this coat is both comfortable for your dog and easy to put on.

Shop the Hurtta Monsoon Raincoat Range Here!

Light them up!

No matter what time of day you decide to walk your canine companion, being visible to others is a massive factor in keeping yourself and your dog safe. We always recommend when walking your dog in poor weather to wear highly visible clothing, have reflectors on both yourself and your dog’s lead, and if you are walking at night, a light on yourself or your pooch. So with that said, here’s everything you need to stay visible on those dark and wet walkies!

Reflective Collar

Hurrta’s Neon Lemon collar is perfect for those who prefer to attach their dog’s lead to the collar. Made with highly durable and thick nylon, the wide padding makes the collar comfortable with the shape distributing pressure caused by pulling on a wider area around the dog’s neck, resulting in a collar that is soft, comfortable and safe.

Highly reflective and breathable, this collar is ideal for those late night walks keeping your pooch visible, cool and chafe free whilst out on those amazing adventures.

Shop the Hurtta Neon Lemon Collar Here!

Weekend Warrior Neon Lemon Reflective Harness

This comfortable and easy-to-use harness is ideal for any dog walker out there. Made with highly reflective and durable fabric, this harness is perfect for taking your four-legged friend out in the rain when visibility may be low.

With bright neon coloured fabric, not only will your pooch look fabulous but the material is extremely visible, meaning you’ll be safe no matter how dark the skies might be!

Shop the Weekend Warrior Neon Lemon Reflective Harness Here!

Orbiloc Safety Light

The Orbiloc Dog Dual is a Safety Light that ensures the Safety of you and your dog when you are out in the dark. The Orbiloc Dog Dual is a lightweight Safety Light for dogs of all sizes. It has two different functions - flashing and constant light. Attaching onto your dog’s collar or harness, this handy light will keep you visible when visibility becomes poor when you’re out and about.

Completely waterproof, this light will withstand whatever the elements can thrown at it, making it a perfect gadget to keep you and your dog safe on those wet weather walkies!

Available in a variety of different colours, shop the Orbiloc Range with us online here!

So when the summer skies decide to fade and there’s no other option than a trip out in the rain, be rest assured we have everything you need to keep you and your pooch safe when those summer showers decide to descend.

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