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What is the 'Natural Pet'?

What is the 'Natural Pet'?

With more and more of us focused on living happier and healthier lives, we have taken measures in our diets, exercise and everyday living to ensure we keep our bodies in tip top shape all lifetime long. We look at labels and packaging with a fine-toothed comb and we change our diets to be free of dairy, gluten and sometimes meat.

Now we are beginning to take the same approach to health and wellbeing with our pets. From grain-free diets to super supplements to keep them in the best condition possible, here’s what’s great about having a natural pet and why we are becoming more inclined to be natural pet owners ourselves...

Healthier Living

With our food choices constantly under the microscope, the decisions we make for our pets are more important than ever. With big brands on our supermarket shelves often packaging their pet food with preservatives, additives, bulking agents, plus a whole heap of nastiness, making better dietary decisions for our pets really can make a difference to their health. When shopping with a natural pet shop, like ourselves, you are making the decision to invest a little more TLC into your pet’s health and wellbeing. With a mass array of brands that are dedicated to providing the finest ingredients that both taste amazing and are nutritionally beneficial, when it comes to shopping naturally, there is no better place than the Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

Finding Finer Foods

Every meat, poultry, game and fish product that we produce, sell or promote is local to the UK, sourced ethically and is 100% natural. Any fish product in our store is sourced from British waters, ensuring we are doing what we can to support the British fishing market. For us, every product that we sell showcases the best of British farming and we believe if it’s not good enough for us, it’s certainly not good enough for our pets.

We maintain close relationships with all brands that we stock and sell (Canagan and Symply for example) to ensure every product on our shelves not only provides our pets with a multitude of health benefits but is also amazing for our environment. We don’t just care about where our food goes but we care where it comes from. From every bite of kibble to the fillings inside our tasty treats, every product in our store goes through rigorous nutritional and taste testing to ensure that it is both beneficial for our pets and that it tastes incredible too!

Newlyn Harbour

Greener Ways to Shop

Being a natural pet owner, many of us are finding new and exciting ways to shop that are both eco-friendly and nicer on our purses. From bulk-buying to purchasing package-free treats and snacks, investing in a greener way of living not only helps you, but works towards creating a better world for us and our pets to live in.

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we pride ourselves in stocking pet products that are not just great for our pets but great for the planet too. Many of our products, including our own branded food and treats, are packaged with materials that are 100% recyclable.

Natural Cornish Pet Products

What’s even better than recyclable packing? No packaging at all! When it comes down to reducing nonsense packaging, there is no better solution than a simple recyclable label and let the product do the talking. Many of the chews and treats we sell at Natural Cornish Pet Shop are packaged in their own skin so you can see exactly what you are buying. You simply see the product, pick it from the shelf and give it straight to your four-legged friend without removing any nasty single-use wrappers.

Some of our amazing package free products are:

Vegetable and Peanut Butter Range>

Fruit and Vegetable Chew Range>

Antler and Olivewood Chews>

Being a Local Hero

When choosing to shop in more natural and wholesome ways for our pets, you are actually actively assisting a small business in providing the tools they need to help our pets around the country. Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we would be nothing without our amazing and loyal customers who choose to shop with us rather than leading supermarkets.

Dedicated to providing friendly, loving and beyond pawfect service to our customers (especially the furry kind), you have the guarantee that when you shop with your local independent pet retailer, you are investing in a business that is dedicated to putting pet health and welfare at the very heart of what they do. When it comes to our ethos – we love nothing more than your four-legged friends!

Natural Cornish Pet Shop

So with fantastic ingredients sourced locally and ethically and with a service dedicated to providing pets with everything they need to live a long and happy life – join the crew and make your first step to being a Natural pet owner today.

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