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What Makes Our Pet Products Natural?

What Makes Our Pet Products Natural?

You might have heard the term 'natural' thrown around a lot on the pet food market, but what does it actually mean?

What are these pawfect products made from, and what makes them so natural?

With a shop dedicated to highlighting the very best natural, wholesome, pet food products on the market, here’s everything you need to know about what makes our products the most natural choices out there, and how our food and treats are packed to the brim with the finest and most wholesome natural ingredients on offer.

Natural ingredients

Symply Wet Food Poached Salmon Dog Food - Wet Symply

When it comes to feeding our pets, we want to ensure they receive all the nutrition they need from every bowl of delicious food. In some leading brands of food and treats, real meat products can often be substituted with meat derivatives, meaning that juicy bag of beefy dog food might only contain flavourings from artificial substances, meant to taste like your dog’s favourite protein.

At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, you never need to read the small print. Each and every single brand of our pet food contains exactly what it says on the tin. From chicken to beef, lamb to salmon, turkey to venison, our brands work hard to ensure that each and every morsel of meaty goodness is packed into their wet and dry food, and contains the real meaty protein exactly as labelled on the packet.

All the proteins used in our foods are ethically and sustainably sourced. Poultry, meat and game are all sustainably and ethically sourced, and our fish is caught in British waters, meaning we know exactly where your pet’s food has come from.

From farm to fork, our range of food and treats are preserved using natural methods, and every ounce of kibble has had the same tender loving care from manufacturing to packaging, meaning your pet gets the best possible food they can get their paws on!

Natural Packaging

At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we pride ourselves on stocking pet products that are not just great for our pets, but are great for the planet too. Many of our products, including our own branded food and treats, are packaged with materials that are 100% recyclable.

What’s even better than recyclable packing? No packaging at all!

When it comes down to reducing nonsense packaging then there is no better solution that a simple recyclable label and let the product do the talking. Many of the chews we sell at Natural Cornish Pet Shop are packaged in their own skin so you can see exactly what you are buying. You simply see the product, pick it from the shelf and give it straight to your four-legged friend without removing any nasty single-use wrappers.


Canagan Free-Run Chicken (Dry Food) Dog Food - Dry Canagan

When it comes to primary ingredients, grains are often the key substances in many pet food brands on supermarket shelves. From white potatoes to rice, grains are used to provide the ‘filling power’ of many dog foods, but this can actually be the source of canine itching later on in life. As many of us know, despite our adoration for the White Potato and wheat, overconsumption of these grains can wreak havoc upon our own health, and too much of these foods can actually lead to digestive & skin issues in our furry friends.

Across the industry, more and more dog food manufacturers are now becoming Grain-Free, meaning our four-legged friends’ food is packed with wholesome nutritional goodness that leaves their skin itch-free and their bellies full every day.

Many of our leading brands (including ourselves) replace the grains with proteins and vegetables, rich in Omegas 3 and 6, providing our pooches with a wholesome, all-natural, healthy diet to keep their skin and coat looking and feeling amazing.

Replacing grains with Omega 3 products can do wonders for our pet’s skin. The immune-boosting properties of ALA, Alpha-Linolenic Acid, support your dog’s natural skin defences and works to improve common skin problems such as:

  • Dry and flaky skin
  • Dandruff
  • Skin infections

Say goodbye to itchy and flaky skin and say hello to shiny, silky coats leaving our pets looking and feeling healthier for longer!

No Nastiness

Aflora Minster - Chicken With Sweet Potato 15kg Dog Food - Dry Aflora

In order for any food to be labelled “natural”, it must be absent from anything artificial. At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, our brands understand how these harsh chemical and additives can be detrimental to our dog’s health.

All the food we stock in our shop is absent from artificial colours, flavours, additives, preservatives and harsh chemicals, to ensure that your pet gets exactly all the nutrition and flavours they need from the wholesome ingredients found in all our fantastic food. 

So what makes all our products so naturally pawfect? It’s simple. We only use the best ingredients mother nature has to offer, and ensure that each and every single one of the products in our store does nothing more than benefit your pets in the most nutritional way possible. When it comes to natural pet food, we are the experts!

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