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What makes the pawfect Training Treat?

What makes the pawfect Training Treat?

Throughout our animals lives training treats are a staple in ensuring the behaviour of our pets is the best it can possibly be. From rewarding toileting outside, to reinforcing positive behaviours, treats really are one of the most useful things in any pet owner's life and basically we couldn’t live without them. 

When it comes to training treats, it may be quick and easy to grab any old snacks from the supermarket shelves as these shops often sell treats with a bargain price and shopping economically may seem like a preferable option. However, despite the low price tag, these high street treats can be packed with additives and preservatives that can lead to troublesome tummies, and more, in our four-legged friends. So when it comes to treats that are just a few more pennies extra, but guaranteed to a be scrumptious and healthy snack that will delight time and time again, head to Natural Cornish Pet Shop. 

Dog being given treat whilst sitting

Benefits of Training Treats

No matter what life stage your four-legged friend is in, training treats are the perfect way to reinforce behaviours and strengthen the bond between you and your dog. At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we believe there is no better way to reward and encourage your pet than with positive reinforcement. 

Like us humans, our pets are more likely to repeat positive behaviours if a reward is received after the behaviour or action. Often stuffed into handy packs for easy to reach treats on the go, there really is no better way to say well done to your furry friend that giving them something scrumptious to celebrate. From meaty mouthfuls to fruity favourites, treats can also benefit your pet’s health and give them an extra dietary boost each and every day.

What makes our treats so great?

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love nothing more than supplying your four-legged friends with the most nutritionally beneficial treats and snacks available. Mainstream alternatives to naturally made treats are often packed to the brim with nasty additives, fillers and preservatives that can lead to tummy troubles and itchy irritations. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop our treats and chews are made with nothing more than what it says on the labels. Made with the finest cuts of meat and fish, each and every single one of our treats contain the best ingredients and nothing more. Absent of artificial flavourings and ingredients, when it says “contains kangaroo"...we mean it!

Hearts shaped dog treats in pile

Wonderful & Wholesome

There really is no better way to boost your pet’s health and wellbeing then with a tasty treat to help give their bodies a vital boost. With the task of administering supplements often tricky if your pet needs the likes of joint or muscle support added to their daily diets, treats can be a fantastic way of giving your furry friend that little helping hand. 

Each and every single one of our brands of tasty treats are loaded with the finest ingredients sourced both ethically and sustainably in the UK, Europe and the wider world. With the best ingredients on offer, your pawfect pals are guaranteed to a treat that is both wonderful and wholesome in a wide variety of ways. Made with meats, fish, fruit and veggies to support their immune function, our treats are loaded with incredible ingredients to help ensure their diets are the best they can possibly be. So when it comes to treats with a difference, you certainly won’t be disappointed at Natural Cornish Pet Shop. 

Our Top Treats

From meaty mouthfuls to fishy favourites, no matter what flavour your pet loves to munch, they will be spoilt for choice with the selection of scrumptious snacks here at our wholesome store. Made with all-natural ingredients and with many grain-free options to support pets with allergies, our range of tasty treats will get their tails wagging after each and every bite. 

Great for supporting their bodies daily functions and giving them pawfuls of vital vitamins and minerals to keep their bodies in tip top shape, here’s our list of treats that are pawfect for training any dog. 

JR training treats for dogs

So, with endless options of treats and snacks available for your pet, your furry friend will be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking up a packet of perfection that is pawfect for them and their training.

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