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What's New Pussycat?

What's New Pussycat?

When it comes to products for our feline friends, there is nothing more exciting than when we receive new and amazing lines within our store.

From brand new food to tremendous toys, we love to share what’s fresh for your feline friend.

With a plethora of moggy madness already available in our store, if your cat is in need of something new and exciting then this is definitely the place to be. As our brilliant brands introduce new lines each and every month, here’s all our amazing products that are new and fresh within our store.

Fantastic Food

Established in the beautiful British countryside of Staffordshire, Eden Holistic are run by husband and wife team Paul and Carol Conquest. Passionate about quality from the very beginning, Eden’s focus has always been about the contents of their food. Made in Great Britain with Great British ingredients including freshly prepared meats, fruits, vegetables; Eden is formulated without any cereal grains or rice, as these are not a natural part of your pet’s ancestral diet.

Each flavour of Eden's wet cat food range is a naturally hypo-allergenic, nutritionally complet and formulated with a high quality animal proteins and low carbohydrate content, based on the Ancestral diet of cats.

With 70% freshly prepared, human grade quality meat and fish, with Peas, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Blueberries, Goji Berries and Minerals; these ravishing recipes are everything your cat needs for healthy and nutritious diet.

Their flavours include:

Tasty Treats

As a staple part of our pet’s diet, treats act as a positive reinforcement for behaviour, but can actually supply our four-legged friend with a nutritional boost to keep their furry bodies fighting fit too! When it comes to treats, there is a range of blissful bites to choose from here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop. Stocking a range of wholesome nuggets of all-natural delights, it would be impossible to find a treat that your cat didn’t love.

In addition, to their brand new range of fantastic food. Eden Holistic have created a range of tasty treats that your cat (and dog!) can enjoy time and time again.

These naturally air-dried strips of mighty meats are packed with probiotics and minerals to keep your pet’s body in the best shape it can be. Free from nastiness and gentle on tummies, these scrumptious strips are ideal for any cat or dog with tummy troubles. Supporting digestive, dental and joint health, Eden treats are packed with the finest ingredients, ensuring your pet’s get nothing but the best in each and every mouthful.

Their fantastic flavours include:

  • Duck & Game
  • White Fish & Game
  • Salmon & Game
  • Venison & Game
  • Lamb & Game

Shop Eden's Treats Here!

Sourced from the best of what British farming has to offer, delve into the wondrous world of Eden and take your cat’s palette to place that is delightfully delicious.

Tremendous Toys

Playing with their favourite toy can boost mental stimulation amongst our four-legged friends, and with a variety of toys on offer, cats can release those ancestral urges to pounce, play, hunt and prey on their beloved feather teaser or teddy bear.

In addition to boosting your cat’s brain function, toys can increase the relationship between you and your feline friend and in turn bring you closer than ever before. Bonding is a significant part of play, and can develop a feeling of security between you and your cat.

From cat nip infused to buzzing boredom busting, here’s our new toys that will keep your cat occupied for hours and hours.

KONG Enchanted Buzz Unicorn

The irresistible buzzing and vibrating motion of the KONG Enchanted Unicorn will engage your cat’s natural instinct to pounce and play.

Buzzing and spinning begin when the unicorn’s tail is pulled, activating a cat’s natural catch and capture instincts. Extending the fun are crinkle sounds, sparkly colours and KONG's North American Premium Catnip, all adding up to keeping kitties occupied for some magical playtime fun!

Shop KONG's Enchanted Buzz Unicorn Here!

KONG Better Buzz Banana

This toy will make your cat crazy for hours of banana peeling fun. This fun and whimsical design is ideal for hind-paw kicking and comes fully loaded with potent KONG Premium North American Catnip that helps fuel playtime engagement.

The mesh material and crackle sounds spark natural catch and capture instincts, while the durable faux-leather exterior is sure to make play sessions last longer. Providing hours of interactive fun and adventure; this is one piece of fruit that your cat will adore!

Shop KONG's Better Buzz Banana Here!

With a plethora of moggy madness  available in our store, if your cat is in need of something new and exciting, whether it be fabulous food, tempting treats or terrific toys; then the Natural Cornish Pet Shop is definitely the place to be.

Shop the whole cat range here!

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