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Why Do Dogs Chew?

Why Do Dogs Chew?

It would be impossible to gaze upon the households of the world and not find a canine who doesn't love to chew on something. From bones to dental sticks, our dogs adore crashing their gnashers against something hard and chewy. Chews represent some of the best-selling products on the pet food market.

With chewing also providing a whole host of health benefits for our four-legged friends, it can play a significant part in our dog’s life. From their puppy jaws biting onto toys, furniture and even our fingers to golden oldies grasping dental chews to keep their gnashers in tip top shape – our dogs love to chew and here’s why. 

The Ancestral Need

Since the dawn of time, we have long associated dogs with chewing and chewing animal bones. This natural instinct has developed from their inherited need to chew passed down through the years of evolution. Animal bones would have been the only source of chewing sensation for wild canines, this love for chewing animal bones however, has still remained within our domesticated dogs.

However, as our dogs can become more and more stimulated with household items such as shoes and slippers.  Back in time, dogs would have constantly chewed animal bones because of their attraction to the scent of prey and ultimately food. Through evolution, this desire has stuck with our dogs who now clutch onto scents that are favoured on certain chewable items such as shoes, socks and toys. 

Peanut butter filled vegetable dog bone

Chew to Calm

Like us humans, when in states of anxiety or stress, dogs will be drawn to behaviours that occupy them to relieve them of their emotions and feelings. For a dog, chewing is both relaxing and beneficial to their wellness. During time of separation from their owners, dogs may chew more as they can pick up your scent from the chew when playtime has occurred. 

Being familiar and attached to their owner’s scent, dogs wish to get as close and personal with that scent as possible thus chewing may occur of toys, chews or even items of their owner’s clothing. Despite its unfavourable nature, our dogs may often be attracted to extremely personal items like clothing such as underwear which smell particularly strong of our scent in order to feel close to us during times of separation (what may appear unusual and rather disgusting to us is our dog’s way of saying they miss us). 

When it comes to specific chews, some dogs chomp to relieve stress and pain caused by teething. This is specifically prominent in puppies that are going through the teething stage. Providing pain relief via gum massage, chews can be particularly beneficial for those smaller pawed pooches out there that need a little extra TLC.

Beat Boredom

One of the main reasons our dogs choose to chew is boredom. Destructive chewing is primarily seen in puppies during the first few months as their need for mental stimulation is increased. As dogs grow older, the likelihood of destructive chewing reduces as older dogs become more capable of stimulating themselves or generally require less active play when they age. 

With the right and safe chew, chewing can occupy a dog for hours upon hours. Sinking their teeth into something hard and durable, our dogs chew as they desire to get to the juicy core they believe lies within whatever they chew. Boredom busting chews that we would recommend are hard but 100% safe antler bones that provide a solid exterior but are filled with tasty cartilage for a satisfying end game. 

Cornish Pet Shop Antler

Chews at Natural Cornish Pet Shop

With only 100% natural and safe chews on our shop’s shelves, we are dedicated to providing some of the safest chomptastic treats available to you and your pooch. From deer antlers to dental treats, here are our top chews that will calm your dog and bust any boredom all day long. 

Some of top chews include:

Safe and tasty for your dogs no matter what age or breed, our range of chomptastic chews will not only keep your dog from shredding those shoes but will provide them with a whole heap of nutrition and stimulation, you will want to stock up time and time again. 

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