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Why Pets are great for our mental health

Why Pets Are Great For Our Mental Health

Why Pets Are Great For Our Mental Health

For many of us, our four-legged friends mean so much more than just being a ‘pet’. Providing us with unconditional love and comfort, spending time with our furry friends can give us the mental boost we need and deserve.

As mental health awareness is on the rise, with more and more people being diagnosed with stress, anxiety and depression, your four-legged friend can really be the driving force in easing those stressful days and keeping our minds focused on our pawsitive pets right in front of us. From cuddles to kisses, our pets provide us with an abundance of love on a daily basis that can really keep us smiling all day long.

After months of isolation and lockdown, many of us have sat at home with only our furry friend for company. Through regular walks and playtime, having a pet in our lives can keep us healthy and active keeping our minds and bodies fighting fit. Time with our canine companions or feline friends is so precious and can genuinely provide a great mental boost no matter what we might be feeling.

Cuddling your Pet

We all love a good cuddle with our pets. Whether you have snuggly Springer or a fluffy Pomeranian, having a hug with your pets can really boost your mood. After a hard day’s work or even for comfort during stressful or upsetting times, we have all reached for our pets to keep us feeling safe and secure.

According to science, cuddling stimulates the release of serotonin and dopamine, the transmitters responsible for keeping depression at bay, making us feel happier. The act of holding and stroking your pet is a massively effective way to combat stress and anxiety as it creates a calming effect to help you focus on the present moment.

Cuddling your pet can also boost their mental health in addition to your own. Our pets often rely on cuddles to express thoughts, feelings and emotions and use a cuddle to communicate their own anxieties which are eradicated with a hug from their owner. With positive effects for both yourself and your pet, a cuddle a day can really make the difference to both yours and your pet’s mental health.

Encouraging Exercise

As many of us know, exercise is an effective tool in boosting the way our mind works. With physical exercise great in improving mood, self-esteem and goal-setting drives, taking a daily walk, run or even hitting the gym can have a massive impact on improving our mental health.

For all you dog lovers out there, we know how important it is to exercise our four-legged friends. Whether it is playtime in the house, garden or outdoors, giving our pets the exercise they need is significant in keeping their bodies fighting-fit. Those with more active dogs such a collies, spaniels and Labradors are beyond familiar with how significant exercise is for our pets. With certain breeds being more active than others, taking your pet for a day walk is not just fun, but highly essential!

Spending time with your pet outdoors can really be the boost in mood we need. In addition to improving your cardiovascular health, taking a lengthy walk with your four-legged friends can actually solidify the bond between you and give your pet the fun they need whilst you’re right there alongside them.

The Best Company

Whether you are living alone or with someone else, your pet can honestly be one of the best companions you could ever wish for. Whilst living alone, daily routines can become monotonous and boring if done alone. Having a pet by your side who wants to help whenever they can, can be the driving force behind finding daily chores a whole heap of fun.

With your furry friend sat by your side when doing the washing up, cooking or even watching your favourite box set on the TV; having a companion to spend daily life can be the mental boost you need if you are experiencing feelings of loneliness. With a pet, you are never alone. Wanting to be with you at every moment of the day, these cuddly companions really do provide bucket loads of unconditional love and support that can really make your life positive for the better!

With big loving eyes, soft cuddly fur and enough kisses and licks to last a lifetime, having a pet in your life can really be a game changer if you suffer from fluctuations in your mental health. Scientifically proven to boost your mood, spending just 10 minutes a day with your pet can improve your mental health by at least 70%, and we're sure you spend much longer with them than that!

Having a pet in your life is the best thing you could ever wish for!

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