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Why we are grateful for our pets

Why we are grateful for our pets

Why We Are Grateful For Our Pets

Sometimes there is nothing we are more thankful for than the furry face that greets us at the door after a long, hard day.

Eagerly waiting to greet us at our door, our four-legged friends can be the solace we so desperately need after a long day’s work. After weeks and weeks of lockdown, the only company some pet owners have had is the one that comes on four-legs and requires an abundance of daily cuddles! Being unable to see our friends and family, this time spent with our pets has made us incredibly grateful to have them in our lives because despite our inability to meet our nearest and dearest, they have been by our side through it all, keeping us smiling all day long.

It goes without saying, pets can have a significant impact on our physical and mental health. Improving our lives in numerous ways, words can never describe the unconditional love for that ball of fur that greets us with joy every single minute of the day. Doing what they can to make us smile, even when we may not want to, whether you are a cat lover, dog lover or owner of any little cute creature, having a pet can be the best thing we could wish for and more!

So here it is, just to make you cuddle your furry babies a little tighter, all the reasons why we have so much love for our pets and reasons why they make our days so much brighter.

Improving our mental health

Proven by scientists across the world, owning a pet can have a massive impact on our mental health. Cuddling a pet for just 10 minutes a day can improve symptoms of anxiety, stress and depression by up to 70%. Now, we are making no bold claims that owning a pet can cure any and all problems with mental health, but the active relationship between you and your pet can help ease issues and provide you with the secure level of comfort that sometimes we so desperately need.

Giving us the motivation to care and love one another, having a pet whilst suffering from anxiety or depression can improve our cognitive thinking massively. With physical exercise essential with dogs and cats for play and health, forcing us to be outdoors and exercising our bodies can help us to feel healthier whilst increasing our self-esteem.

Calming Cuddles

Is there anything better than cuddling something soft and fluffy? At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we think not. Acting as our living, breathing teddy bears, our pets can really be the comfort we need when life is feeling a bit low.

Now, we all love a cheeky snuggle. Whether it be first thing in the morning or just before we sleep, a snuggle with our furry friend can help calm our bodies, especially ones undergoing stress or anxiety. As cuddling releases the same neurotransmitters responsible for keeping stress and anxiety at bay, a daily squish with your pet can provide an epic amount of comfort when you may be feeling the most vulnerable, and for that we couldn’t be more grateful.

Unconditional Love

Owning a pet can provide us with a level of unconditional love that is beyond immeasurable. Had a hard day at work? They are there to greet us. Having a series binge on Netflix? They are there to share it with us. No matter what the activity, our pets share a massive portion of our hearts and are there for us whenever we need them.

As our pets cannot communicate verbally as we can (and this is an extreme shame!), they often use tips and tricks to help us understand how they are feeling. In order to show us signs of love and affection, dogs will often use their paws to convey their thoughts and feelings. When being stroked and cuddled, dogs will often place paws on a part of our body to reflect the action they are receiving from us – cute or what!

From jumping to kisses, leaning to eye contact, our pets have surprising ways of showing us how much they really do love us. Capable of showing plenty more emotion and connection than even some humans, we are beyond grateful for every single thing our pets do to show us that they love us just as much as we do.


Words can really not express how much we adore our animals. Loving us unconditionally and caring for us in every aspect of our lives, having a pet to spend our life with is one of the best experiences we can go through in our lives. Raising them from pup or kitten to golden oldie, we are everything to our pets,a nd they are everything to us! We are grateful for their smiles, they behaviour and every ounce of joy, laughter and compassion they bring to us and without them life simply would not be as pawfect as it is with them.

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