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Why We Love Green & Wilds

Why We Love Green & Wilds

'From their tasty chews to scrumptious snacks, Green & Wilds have been creating wholesome and natural dog treats that our dogs have loved for years and years.'

Being the first company to bring the wonder of the ‘Antler Chew’ across the Atlantic, their business has grown and grown and our adoration of them has grown too. 

Providing safe, natural and wholesome chews and treats for our canine companions, the brilliant brains at Green & Wilds never fail to wow us with their array of pawfect products. In fact, we love them so much we wanted to tell you why you should love them too!

The Brand to Chews...

Describing themselves as “the home of natural, healthy, nutritious and delicious food & treats for happy pets”, Green & Wilds have taken the dog treat market by storm since their introduction of Antler chews years ago. Since then, they have gone onto develop a range of tasty treats for our furry friends that are created with dogs’ health and wellbeing in mind.

After a conversation with his friend, the Green & Wilds founder decided to explore the world of natural chews. Discovering they were only available on the other side of the Atlantic, John decided to bring their classic chews to the UK.

A few years on and many pieces sold, John and the Green & Wilds crew are fan favourites when it comes to all-natural, tasty chews. With no chew created the same, dogs not only get a tasty treat but one that is 100% unique in shape. At Green & Wilds no chews are the same. They embrace individuality and with no dog chewing the same – it’s the ideal brand from puppy to golden oldie.


Green & Wild’s Chewroots are a sustainable dog chew made using real, natural wood. The tree roots are carefully harvested by hand in protected areas, to make sure there is no lasting damage to the trees or the wider landscape. Care has even be taken to ensure the roots are only harvested in sustainable quantities, to allow the trees to naturally recover. Only the tuber of the root is harvested, which naturally re-sprouts, making Chewroots the perfect sustainable dog chew!

Green & Wilds Chewroot

These extremely durable chews act as natural toothbrushes and are suitable for dogs of all sizes, including puppies, due to the way they do not splinter, and are 100% untreated.

Further Benefits:

  • Natural Toothbrush
  • Extremely Durable
  • 100% Untreated
  • Sustainably Sourced
  • Suitable For All Sizes - Including Puppies

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The Antler Chew

Renowned for its durability and natural benefits. Antler Dog Chews provides a natural boost for your pooch’s immune system. Never tried Antler before? No worries. If it's your dog's first time, start with an Easy Antler Dog Chew where the softer centre is exposed to aid familiarity and speeds up the reward process meaning your pooch gets to the good stuff without too much effort or worry. 

Green & Wilds Antler Chew

With all Antler chews sourced from Grade A and AA Red Deer antler that are naturally shed, responsibly sourced, traceable and sustainable from the Highlands of Scotland, rest assured you have a treat that highlights Mother Nature at her best. All Green & Wilds antlers are hand washed in pure water, hand cut, and hand sanded to smooth all the edges. Then every chew is hand checked for quality and labelled, all here in the UK, in their own facility.

Why these treats are fantastic:

  • 100% Natural
  • Made from hard, bony material, stronger than normal bone, that’s much less likely to splinter or shatter meaning they last longer than regular raw hide or vegetable based chews.
  • Packed full of nutritional minerals to keep your dog’s health exactly where it needs to be.
  • Great for your dog’s teeth – keeping them healthy and strong.

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Tasty Treats...

There is really nothing better than a handful of treats after a long walk or adventure. From meaty chews to meaty bites, Green & Wilds has everything your dog needs for a scrumptious snack whenever and wherever they might need it. 

Salmon Skin Rolls

These delicious rolls of scrumptious salmon skin are enough to give you and Ross the power of Unagi. These tasty treats contain 100% Salmon Skin which are air-dried to lock in all that fishy goodness and flavour. 

Packed with a pawful of those magical Omega 3 and 6 oils, these Salmon Skin rolls will aid in keeping eyes, brain and bones in tip top condition. Fantastic as tasty treat for fish loving dogs, these are definitely some scrumptious snacks which will leave them thinking “ahhhh salmon skin rolls”. 

Green & Wilds Salmon Skin Rolls

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Lucky Duckies

Created to send your pooch absolutely quakers, these duck based meaty chews are a fabulous treat after any autumnal adventure. Completely natural, rich in iron and a luxuriously lean protein source these are an ideal treat for dogs looking to expand their meaty mouthfuls. Acting as a great source of amino acids, these ducktastic sticks can help support healthy maintenance of strong muscles and bones. 

Green & Wilds Lucky Duckies

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Sweet Potato Treats

With root vegetables in their prime harvest, there is no better treat to celebrate than Green & Wild’s sweet potato chews. Air-dried for fabulous flavour, these scrumptious sticks are a great all-natural dental stick for your four-legged friend working hard to clean gums and freshen breath. These sweet treats are naturally hypoallergenic and rich in Beta-carotene, which promotes bone and teeth developments and helps to maintain healthy skin and hair.

Green & Wilds Sweet Potato Sticks

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So if you're pondering a new adventure in the dog treat aisle, take a walk on the wild side and invest in some tasty treats that are not just beneficial to your dog, but tasty beyond belief too!

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