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Winter Grooming

Winter Grooming

As the rain fails to disappear this autumn, many of us venture out in the sudden storms but are left with four-legged friends with more than just muddy paws. From matted fur to soggy skin, rainy walks can leave us and our furry friends praying for some TLC as soon as we walk through our front doors. Unable to run a bubble bath and soak in some suds to cleanse from the wild weather, grooming for our pets can be a tricky business, especially if they aren’t fond of stepping into the bathroom!

So to take the stress away from cleansing their muddy paws, we have a range of pawfect products that will leave your furry friend looking as good as new no matter what weather they might have ventured outside in. 

Why Grooming is Important

Grooming is a significant part of your dog’s health and wellbeing. Although your dog might not appear particularly scruffy or unclean, regular brushing and grooming can help ventilate their coat resulting in healthy and shiny fur and skin. 

When venturing out into muddy messes, our dog’s paws pick up everything they step upon. Soaking both their paw pads and the fur around them, mud and dirt can lock itself onto your pets skin, and if not removed, can result in potential problems such as infections. Cleaning your pet’s paws after particularly muddy walks ensures their toes stay safe all year long. 

Hownd Miracle Natural Dry Foam Wash

For dog’s who hate bath time, this foam wash will definitely be your grooming essential. Get your dog clean, dry and smelling divine in minutes after those muddy adventures. No fuss, no mess, waterless foam shampoo, this fast-drying pH-balanced 4-in-1 formula safely lifts dirt, mud and stinky stuff from your dog’s coat.

Perfect for busy dog parents on-the-go, or when you have no access to water or even before you take your dog back to the car. This superb shampoo contains natural conditioning agents, as well as a vegan alternative to Keratin work to help remove static and tangles leaving the coat soft and manageable. The combination of Aloe Vera, Camomile and Pro-Vitamin B5 to protect, repair, strengthen and enhance shine. Suitable for all breeds and completely safe to use on puppies from 12 weeks, this is one product you won't want to be without. 

Hownd Miracle Natural Dry Foam Wash
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Hownd Yup! You Stink

This conditioning shampoo contains a natural grime busting formula for dogs that get extra smelly! With a combination of eucalyptus and cedar wood essential oils, and gentle odour neutralisers, this conditioning shampoo helps deodorise dogs and absorb strong odours from fox poo, cow dung, dirt and grime. Ideal for stinky dogs who roll in stinky stuff (we know who you are!) and will wash off urine, grease and tear stains too!

Hownd Yup You Stink
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WildWash Shampoo

All WildWash products are made by hand using selected human grade ingredients to enhance the function of each particular product. The base for their shampoos is made from soybean oil with all its conditioning and anti-irritant benefits.  With added Neem Extract, their range of shampoos can help fight dandruff and calm skin problems, leaving a clean, shiny, lush coat, whilst being an efficient natural deterrent against fleas, mites, ticks and mange.

Available in a range of scents and suited for particular task, no matter how muddy your adventure, your dog will be clean in no time with WildWash!

WildWash Shampoo
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    WildWash Magic Paw Balm

    WildWash Magic Paw Balm with Sweet Almond Oil, Frankincense and Kanuka is a super conditioning paw treatment that will moisturise your dogs’ cracked, dry and rough paws and help form a barrier to protect them from every day wear and tear. 

    When those muddy walks play havoc on your pet’s paws, this magic balm will provide soothing support to their toes. Great for use in extreme weather conditions and affords protection against; hot pavements, road grit, ice and salt. This wonder product can also be used to moisturise nails, dry noses and condition calloused elbows and dry patches. WildWash Magic Paw Balm contains natural human grade ingredients and is completely safe for your pet to lick. This balm is also safe for cats too!

    WildWash Magic Paw Balm
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    So as the rain continues to descend upon our four-legged friends and walks in the wild become more and more muddy, invest in some of our great grooming products and leave your pet feeling as gorgeous as ever and their coats looking and feeling exactly how they should. 

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