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Woolf Treats

Woolf Treats

For those pooches with an inner wolf inside them, there is no better way to get their meaty fix than a packet of Woolf Treats!

Created with a grain-free formula, these wholesome, all-natural tasty treats will provide your dog with the perfect amount of protein to keep them howling well into that full moon!

With an extensive range of flavours and treats on offer, here’s why your little wolf needs to try some tasty treats today.

Why Grain-Free?

Throughout evolution, dogs and cats have adapted to eat meat. Like all carnivores, they find it more difficult to digest grains such as rice and white potatoes. Their inability to product the enzyme, amylase, in their saliva, means they struggle to break down starchy carbohydrates. So as much as we all love our carbs, they just aren’t great for our pets.

Grain Allergies & Intolerances develop in dog’s due to an over consumption of them throughout their life. As wheat, barley, rye, oats act as key component in many high-street dog food brands, it is hard to avoid the gluttony of gluten in both ours and our pet’s diet. Our scientific understanding of the impact gluten has on human health has led to the creation of millions on gluten-free and wheat-free alternatives in leading supermarkets – this is no different for our pets.

At Woolf, every single treat is created with a grain-free formula, meaning each and every meaty bite of their scrumptious snacks is 100% grain-free – making them an ideal choice for pets out there with grain intolerances, itchy skin and even troublesome tummies.

Meaty Mouthfuls

These soft and scrumptious meaty chunkies are an ideal reward for any well-behaved canine companion. Made with 100% of the highest quality proteins available, these complimentary treats will keep your dog’s tail wagging all day long.

The Woolf snack, once cooked, is packed without any chemical additives, preservatives or colourings, meaning your pooch gets a tasty treat that is completely nastiness free.

These chewy 'chunkies' are also an ideal treat for promoting positive behaviour in puppies during those tricky training periods. When your pooch needs positively rewarding, just a couple of bites of Woolf’s chunkies are good enough to remind your furry friend to sit, heel, or wait when you ask them too!

Available in a range of fantastic flavours, these grain free treats are a perfect complement to your dog’s daily diet, and are even suitable for dogs with sensitive tummies, or who suffer from itchy skin

Woolf’s wonderful Chunkies flavours are:

We've even put together a delicious bundle of Woolf Chunkies - Learn More Here

Woolf Sandwich

These meaty sticks are a great source of protein for dogs of any age or size. Featuring their favourite proteins such as lamb and chicken sandwiched between strips of cod and other meats, these delicious chews are a fantastic way of introducing your pooch to more exciting proteins than just the usual beef and chicken!

Created using 100% sustainably sourced meat and fish, Woolf Sandwich sticks are completely grain-free making them a perfect snack for dogs with intolerances to grains. In a range of fabulous flavours, no matter what protein your dog may love, there is definitely a Woolf Sandwich stick for them.

Shaped in both sandwich squares and long strips, whether your dog wants a blissful bite or scrumptious strip, these protein packed treats are available in a range of delightful flavours:

Sandwich Squares

Long Sticks

Fruity Strips

If your four-legged friend fancies something a little more fruity, Woolf have created a range of fruit-infused soft bites that will provide them with all the wholesome nutrients they need to keep them fit and healthy.

Made with 100% superfood sources such as Cranberry and Blueberry, these tasty treats will keep your dog in tip top shape with the anti-oxidant qualities of both these super berries. Shaped in the same way as the meaty chunkies, these fruity favourites can also be used as a perfect reward for training for your dog.

With a soft chewy texture, these treats are great for taking care of gum lines and dental health and the chomptastic texture will work your dog’s teeth more than a brittle and crumbly chew. 

Some of the Fruity Flavours available -

View the whole range of Woolf's Delicious Treats in-store, or online HERE!

No matter what tasty treat your four-legged friend might be craving, bring our their inner wolf today and give them something to keep their lips smacking and tails wagging all day long!

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