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Working Dogs

Working Dogs

When shopping for pet food, the label “Working Dog” may be present on products across our store leaving customers puzzled to what it actually means and what dogs it is suitable for. 

From food to treats, we have everything a working dog needs to stay healthy, wholesome and full of nutritional hearty goodness; but for dogs that aren’t considered working – owners may stray from purchasing products with this specific labelling. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love to take the stress out of shopping so to take confusion out of label reading, here’s what our products mean when they say working dog and what products are pawfect for dogs who are working each day. 

What does Working Dog mean?

Just like our furry friends at home, Working Dogs are specific breeds that have been specifically reared to complete certain tasks or jobs outside the home. With breeds such as Border Collies, Labradors and Spaniels used in farms and estates to herd animals; assist those with disabilities and used for hunting, working dogs have been around the UK and world for centuries. 

When it comes to Working Dog food, this specific type of food is designed to support the nutrition and health of dogs that are more active than others. Just like us humans, people with more active lifestyles tend to consume more calories and protein enriched diets, our working dogs require the same level of nutritional support so businesses have targeted this select group of dogs when designing food and treats. 

As a result of their active lifestyle, some breeds may require between 1.5 to 2.5 times the amounts of food as a regular domesticated dog. For some breeds like Siberian Huskies working in extreme temperatures, this food level may increase even more. In the UK, more and more companies are opting to create Working Dog Food options to highlight the benefits of a protein rich diet for our pets. 

Our Working Dog Food

From wonderfully wet to deliciously dry, we have a ravishing range of fantastic food for your working dog to enjoy time and time again. Containing all-natural and wholesome ingredients, our brilliants brands have everything your working dog needs for a healthy and balanced delicious diet.

Natures Menu Working Dog

These high protein and calorie efficient complete meals are an ideal diet for any working dogs. Packed to the brim with the finest quality meat and poultry, Nature’s Menu Working Dog Food is expertly crafted with Working Dog’s diets in mind. 

Its perfect ratio of protein to vegetables ensures your hard-working pooch gets all the nutrition and minerals they need to keep their bodies fit and healthy no matter what job they have to do. This specifically sourced complete dog food has been designed to optimise the benefits of raw food on our canines. Gentle on digestion and completely nastiness free, you will only find quality ingredients in each and every pack of Nature’s Menu Food. 

Each recipe contains a whopping 85% protein base such as Chicken, Beef or Tripe and is combined with those vital root veggies like carrot, butternut squash to create the filling power without the need for nasty grains. 

A pawfect way to indulge after those long days of work, Nature’s Menu Working Dog Food has everything your pooch needs to keep their tails wagging and paws working all day long.

Natures Menu Working Dog
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Eden Working Dog

Supporting both working and sporting dogs, Eden Holistic has a range of both dry and wet food to keep your four-legged friend as active as ever. 

Their Dry food is nutritionally complete with freshly prepared high quality ingredients. Based on the Ancestral diet of dogs with a high content of quality animal protein aligned to a dogs natural food intake. Their recipes are also grain free and with health supporting Herbs, Organic Vitamins and Minerals for optimum absorption.

Eden Working Dog Food
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    Natural Instinct

    This ravishing range of raw food is packed full of fresh meat, vegetables & fruit and specialised to the different needs & life stages of your dog with no need for supplements. 

    Their natural dog food is 100% raw and gives your dog a complete balanced and healthy BARF diet. Choose from a range of rich, tasty flavours to find your dog's new favourite natural dog food and help keep them satisfied and full of life.

    From chicken to lamb, duck to tripe, your four-legged friend will be spoilt for choice about what delicious dinner will appear in their bowl next. With the finest ingredients available, Natural Instinct Raw food is definitely one of our favourites.

    Natural Instinct Working Dog
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