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Allergies Awareness Week

Allergies Awareness Week

As our diets become healthier and more wholesome, we are becoming increasingly aware of foods that can make us feel a little under the weather. From wheat & gluten to specific proteins, many of us are changing our diets and eating habits to avoid foods that are responsible for causing reactions throughout our bodies, and it’s no different for our pets.

With doggy diets eradicating grains and more of us feeding our four-legged friends novel proteins such as rabbit, lamb and venison. Our pets diets are having a well-needed overhaul to avoid potential reactions to foods that we have presumed have been safe for years upon years. So with World Allergy Week raising awareness of human allergies, we thought it necessary to spread a little awareness of our own!

Dog on the verge of a sneeze

Animal Allergies

No matter what breed, age or size of dog you have, a food allergy can arise in many different shapes or forms. From skin soreness to troublesome tummies, spotting a food allergy can be a tricky task and are often ignored as symptoms can be diagnosed as alternatives problems such as fleas and stomach bugs. 

Understanding your dog’s regular bodily behaviours can help you identify problems sooner rather than later and assist in making some simple changes to help your pooch live a happier and healthier life. Food allergies in dogs are present in a variety of ways and spotting a doggy allergy can really make a whole heap of difference to your dog’s health and wellbeing. 

Allergy Symptoms

An allergy or “hypersensitivity”, is a reaction to a food substance that has caused upset to your dog’s body and/or behaviour. A dog will not be born with an allergy to a specific food group or substance - unlike humans with the likes of nuts or shellfish, a hypersensitivity develops over time and prolonged exposure to substances like wheat, gluten. Even certain proteins can cause your dog’s body to react in a series of abnormal ways. 

One of the most common symptoms of a developed food allergy is skin irritations. This may take the form of your pet excessively licking their paws or areas on their back and tail, or even biting at them. This can often be confused with fleas, so, if you know you have correctly treated your furry friend from those pesky parasites, looking at their diet can be the next step to take. 

In addition to skin soreness, allergies can also have a negative effect on your dog’s digestive system. Vomiting and diarrhea are common symptoms but hyperactivity, lethargy and even aggression can potentially be signs that your dog isn’t coping very well with what’s in their bowl.  

Ultimately, if you notice any of these signs over a period of time then swapping your dog to a grain-free or novel protein diet can help to alleviate symptoms and ensure your pooch stays happy and healthy. 

Alfora venison and salmon dog food sack

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Hypoallergenic & Happy

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we are dedicated to ensuring each and every single one of our doggy customers gets the most wholesome and all-natural diets - no matter what they can or can’t eat. 

We have an extensive range of food and treats that are suited for dogs who have developed allergies to grains and common proteins such as chicken and beef. A large proportion of our treats and foods don't contain any grains at all and they are replaced with healthy fruits and vegetables. Our range of treats and food can ensure your doggy's digestive system is the best it can possibly be. 

Brands of fantastic foods and treats we recommend for a happy and hypoallergenic hound are:


When it comes to tasty treats, our range of novel protein-based snacks are enough to get your dog’s tail wagging all day long. From kangaroo to ostrich, the scrumptious selection JR has to offer will give your pooch a chomptastic change from proteins that may be causing troublesome tummies. Made with 100% meat and nothing more, when it comes to tasty treats, no one has your allergy prone pet covered quite like Natural Cornish Pet Shop. 

JR dog treats

So as the world comes together to raise awareness to the food allergies we suffer, keep your dog happy and healthy. No matter what food they might need, there really isn't a better way to keep them satisfied than with our amazing range of food and treats. 

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