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Yak The Wonder Snack!

Yak The Wonder Snack!

When it comes to tasty chews that triumph more than any, there is no better contender than the Yak Chew. Durable, tasty and suitable for any size, breed or age of pet, a piece of Yak is everything your dog needs to chew during this wild winter weather. 

From the heart of the Himalayas to right here on our Cornish Coast, our ravishing range of Yak chews are available online and in store and will give your four-legged friends hours upon hours of delicious chomptastic fun. 

History of Yak Chews

Showcasing the key ingredient in their name, Yak chews are made from a mixture of skimmed Yak and Cow Milk, which is then compressed and smoke dried for 28 days which gives the chews their uniquely scrumptious flavour.

Originating from the Himalayan Hills, Yak chews were originally created for human consumption and actually still eaten by the Himalayan people and their dogs today. With a hard texture, your dog will be entertained for longer as they have to work a little harder to be rewarded with the scrumptious soft pieces of this delicious treat. 

Rich in protein and calcium, these chews are great for muscle growth and repair and fantastic to keep those gnashers in check. These chews are completely preservative and gluten free meaning nothing nasty is added just wholesome, all-natural goodness for your doggy to enjoy and enjoy.

Yak How Is It Made

Benefits of Yak Chews

Despite the presence of cow’s milk in Yak Chews, Yak milk hosts a variety of benefits including being completely free of lactose which can be an ingredient our furry friends struggle to digest. With lactose eliminated from its milk, Yak’s provide an immense source of protein that can help contribute to a better immune system, muscles maintenance and overall health and wellbeing. 

Yak milk is actually three times higher in omega-3 fatty acids than any other animal based milk on the market. Omega-3 fatty acids have been studied for various health benefits, including heart health. In particular, yak milk is rich in alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a type of omega-3 fatty acid also found in flaxseeds and other plants. 

Created with a defined hardened exterior, Yak Chews are fabulous for helping maintain teeth and gums. The hard texture of the chew is naturally great for teeth cleaning, helping to fight against plaque and tartar meaning your dog’s teeth stay clean and fresh for longer than ever. 

Yak Benefits

Our Yak Chews

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love developing and creating products that your dogs know and love. With the rising popularity of Yak Chews across the pet food market, we knew we had to take our own steps in the happiness of the Himalayas by creating our own range of Yak Chews.

Made in the same fantastic process as leading Yak Chews and aged for 28 days to mature that magical and fabulous flavour that your furry friends love, our Yak Chews are the wonder snack your pets won’t want to miss. 

As these Yak Chews are made using a traditional method, they are 100% natural, grain & gluten free, with no artificial preservatives - that's what makes them the Wonder Snack! 

The style of chew differs from pup to pup, some will gnaw, some will chomp, some will chunk. However your dog likes to chew, we are sure that they will get the hang of this naturally hard chew in no time, helped by its tantalising cheesy tang! This texture also means that the chews are naturally durable, keeping your pup entertained for even longer!

Unlike other chews, there is an added bonus to our wonder snack. When your pooch has gnawed their chews until the last possible moment that they cannot grip the chew as well as before, pop it in the microwave for up to 60 seconds and you will see why we call this the wonder snack! Crack and pop, and moments later your remaining piece of the hardened yak is now a perfectly repurposed puff of crunchy canine goodness.

Yak The Wonder Snack

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With a range of sizes available to suit your dog’s chewing needs, fill their stocking with a Yak Chew this Christmas and give their tails something to really wag about. 

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