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Yellow Leads: What Do They Mean?

Yellow Leads: What Do They Mean?

When taking our dogs on summer stroll, we may encounter other pooches wearing apparel that we are unsure about.

With hundreds of dog owners gracing the paths, streets and beaches of our Cornish coast, being respectful of other dog owners is paramount. It would be hard to find any dog absent of a lead when out for an adventure with their human, but sometimes their lead can be more than just a safety precaution!

When our dogs are feeling nervous or anxious in the great outdoors, owners tend to ensure others are aware of their dogs needs by accessorising them in specific leads that highlight their issues to others.

With awareness of dog anxiety and nervousness becoming more prevalent in today’s society, it is important to be aware of those around you, and keeping an eye out for coloured leads when out on adventures with your four-legged friend means everyone can enjoy their trip to the great outdoors!

The Yellow Lead

Different from regular leashes, an all-yellow leash will often indicate a canine that is nervous when walking outside. If you see a dog with a YELLOW ribbon, bandana or similar on the leash or on the dog, this is a dog who needs some space. It is important that if you spot any obvious yellow patterning on the dog that you do not approach this dog (even if you do so alone).

This lead is indicating to owners that their dog should not be approached by both another human or dog. In all circumstances, stand aside if a dog in a yellow-lead is passing, and give the owner and their dog time to move out of your way if you are approaching them.

Why might dogs need a Yellow Lead?

A dog may need space for a number of reasons, but here’s a list of some of the most common reasons why a pooch may need some well-needed space:Like us humans, our pets have complex needs when it comes to their beautiful brains and behaviour. There are a multitude of reasons why dogs present nervousness or anxiety when it comes to walking outdoors. With the issue effecting dogs of all ages, breeds and sex, no dog is the same when it comes to showing signs of anxiety. It is imperative that if you come across a dog with a yellow lead to give a reasonable amount of space. 

  • It may have underlying health issues
  • They may be a rescue dog being rehabilitated. The world can be a very scary place for these dogs.
  • They may have had a bad experience with another dog or may be intimidated by the kind of friendly dogs which always want to say "Hi!"
  • Female dogs that may be in heat
  • They may be in training
  • They may be very old and arthritic
  • They could be nervous or shy and other dogs cause them stress

Yellow Dog UK

Yellow Dog is an international campaign aimed to create awareness around the world that 'Some Dogs need Space'

This company and charity were stemmed from The Swedish International 'Gulahund Yellowdog' programme that was launched in June 2012 by Eva Oliversson, a certified international dog behaviourist and dog trainer.

Having had 'Yellow' Dogs themselves, the brains behind Yellow Dog UK decided to take on the role of UK Ambassadors of Gulahund, and Yellow Dog UK was born! 

They believe that making the Yellow Ribbon an accepted representation throughout the UK that will benefit everyone, and make dog walking a safer and more enjoyable experience for all.  And in turn give our dogs a better and greater quality of life.  They passionately believe in the Yellow Dog campaign and work tirelessly to promote the campaign across the UK - it is a fantastic campaign and will help to educate dog owners and the public to understand and recognise a dog who 'needs some space'. 

So next time you’re out an about when exploring the great outdoors, keep an eye out for any canines wearing a yellow lead and keep a safe distance to ensure you are keeping that pooch as relaxed and calm as possible.

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