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Order now and receive *Free Delivery on orders over £49
Affordability for our Animals

Affordability for our Animals

Affordability for our Animals

With the current climate, many of us are pinching those pennies in every way that we can.

There is nothing worse than purchasing a product knowing we could have got the same product for cheaper somewhere else. We’ve all been there right? We have seen a gorgeous item, bought it and seen it two weeks later in the sale for 20% off. Our hearts sink.

However, what if we told you that when it comes to shopping for your animals with us, there is no stress needed and the anticipation of that sinking feeling is nowhere to be seen! When it comes to amazing affordability, there is nowhere better for value and price than the Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

From tasty treats to fantastic food, we promise you the best price on the market for quality, wholesome pet food and treats that are not only affordable but tasty and nutritious beyond belief.

Best Brands, Brilliant Bargains

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we refuse to sell a product that we believe you could get somewhere else for a better price. Each and every brand we sell is unique in its own special way, and when it comes to our food and treats, none are made the same. Unique in benefits and flavour, our range of pet food and treats promise to give your pets the wholesome benefits they deserve in each and every bite. But for us, it’s not just about the quality – it is also about the price.

When it comes to selecting treats for your dog – we cannot recommend a more affordable and nutritionally wholesome treat than our own. Founders Jordan and Katy realised they could re-create some of the leading dog treats on the market with their own finesse and flare, for a fraction of the price, and thus the range of Vegetable Treats were born.

Featuring the finest fruit, vegetable and even peanut butter components, these tasty affordable treats start from 30p and provide a wholesome snack for your four-legged friend. From Peanut Butter Crocodiles to Fruit Star Sticks, these treats can be bought individually or in multi-buy offers making them even more affordable for your furry friend.

Check out our treats here.

Bulk-Buying to Save Pennies

We all know that when we often buy more of something we can get it cheaper. From Cash & Carries to Costco – the more that you buy – the cheaper it gets. This is no different here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop. With multi-buy and bulk-buy offers on the majority of the treats and food that we sell, if you know your dog will love it or already loves it, keep that cursor clicking and bag yourself a bucket load of savings.

With savings ranging from 5% to 15% off multi-buy products, from fish treats to tasty chews, no matter what your canine is cravings – we have a savings for you.

With a fantastic range of multi-buy offers and bulk deals on some of our favourite products, we encourage to bulk-buy and stock up on terrific treats and fantastic food, saving yourself some pennies, trips out of those rainy days and protecting your planet – even in the smallest of ways!

Some of our amazing bulk-buy deals:

Fill up on Food

For many dog owners, purchasing food is a regular in our supermarket trollies. Purchasing smaller bags of dog food on a regular basis can actually prove more costly than a large one-off purchase each month at a higher initial price. In addition to this, purchasing a larger quantity of your pet’s food means less time at the supermarket each month running in for a packet of your dog’s favourite dinner. Upscaling your dogs food can not only save you time but can actually really save you some money, meaning you have more money for a little extra treat this month – pawfection!

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we sell both smaller packets and larger bulk-buy packets of dry dog food for your four-legged friend. With larger packets, proven to be more cost effective, we always encourage to spend that little bit extra  for a bag of food that will last a lot longer, and for a better price for yourself overall. Many of our leading brands (including our own label food, Aflora) provide dry kibble in bags of 10kg or more that can last your dog a month or more and pinch those pennies in exactly the right place.

Some of our amazing bulk-buy dry kibble brands.

So if you want amazing food at affordable prices, have a browse of our pawfect products today and purchase your pet some terrific treats whilst pinching those precious pennies along the way.

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