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Amazing Akela

Amazing Akela

Amazing Akela

Putting the oo! in fabulous food, Akela is a brand that delivers fantastic flavours and handfuls of nutrition for your four-legged friend. As advocates of ‘wholeprey’ Akela’s ethos is creating a food range for dog’s that is both wholesome and delicious whilst in keeping with their ancestral dietary needs.

Featuring on BBC’s Dragon’s Den, James Whigby – Akela’s founder and pack leader, created the company after working in Pet Care with a leading consumer goods company. In his journey into pet food, James noticed a heightened persuasion towards dry kibble and an absence of all-natural dry food. Discovering his own food intolerances, James decided to develop recipes that would be nutritionally beneficial for all dogs out there – no matter their dietary needs. After rigorous testing and sampling, he perfected the recipe and Akela was born.

Believing that dog’s deserve optimum nutrition, Akela evolve each recipe tailoring flavours and nutrition to the needs and desires of our canine companions – no matter what they fancy – Akela has something for them. So with a mass array of benefits for our dogs, here’s why we think Akela really is a dog’s best friend.

Great Flavour

“I love this food. My dogs are so happy”

From chicken to beef, the choice of fabulous flavours of Akela is endless. With proteins sourced right here in the British Isles, Akela ensures the ingredients in their food are sourced both ethically and responsibility. Sourcing meats from British ethical farmers, delivers a high quality proteins in every single pack of Akela’s kibble and dogs all over love it.

With high meat contents and an array of delicious vegetables and botanicals, each variety of Akela’s food is delicious beyond belief. Completely grain-free and absent of any additive nastiness, this wholesome and all-natural dog food is really one of the tastiest on the market.

What makes Akela stand out from the crowd is their choice of meats in some of their classic canned products. Featuring the likes of Wild Game and even Kangaroo, Akela’s knowledge of high quality sources of protein showcase their understanding of what are dog not only want…but need. From chicken to duck, venison to kangaroo, Akela’s amazing selection of scrumptious suppers are enough to keep your dog’s tail wagging right until the every last bite.

Optimum Nutrition

“Amazing healthy food for our dogs”

Cleared highlighted by the words of Akela reviewers, this brilliant brand of dog food provides the ultimate level of nutrition for our four-legged friends.

Akela prides themselves on their understanding of what dogs adore to eat. As the canine species has evolved to hunt and eat prey, the products they create are developed with this predatory instinct in place. Featuring high-meat content and completely grain-free, their food is not just delicious but is created with a multitude of health benefits to keep working dogs at their prime throughout their entire life.

 “Healthy food maintains happy dogs”

Akela 80/20 complete working dog food is vet-approved and contains highly digestible human-grade ingredients, is grain-free, has no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and is high in meat content for extra palatability. It contains 80% protein, 20% Fruit, Veg and Botanicals and 0% Grains.

Grain-free diets are shown to be highly beneficial for dogs suffering with digestive issues and even itchy skin. Suited to higher protein based diets, Akela’s food is both nutritional supportive and packed with vitamins and minerals they need to live and long and happy life.

Fantastic on Price

“Great food at a reasonable price”

Despite supermarket brands dominating the dog food market for years, Akela firmly stands behind the food it creates and sells. From design to manufacture, mountains of TLC are infused into each and every bite of Akela dog food. As bigger brands flog their food for cheaper – it doesn’t always mean better quality. Often packed with a high-grain content and meat derivatives, Akela doesn’t compromise on quality to offer you a reasonable price.

Offering their food at a great price means you can provide your dog with the best nutrition without having to tighten those purse strings. Giving you great prices from 1.5kg to 10kg, Akela ensures whatever your dog needs – it definitely won’t break the bank.

When it comes to putting a price on your dog’s health and wellbeing – You just can’t. But what we can promise you is wholesome, nutritional dog food that is worth every single penny you spend.

 As more and more people turn to an all-natural and wholesome diet for their four-legged friends, making the switch to Akela has never been more tempting. Full of fantastic flavour, optimum nutrition and reasonable on price, if you are looking for a dog food that does it all – Akela is the one for you.

See our excellent range of Akela dog food here – we promise you won’t be disappointed.

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