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Canagan: A History

Canagan: A History

Canagan: A History

As one of the leaders in the all-natural dog food market, Canagan has stormed shelves ever since its introduction back in 2012.

Now packing out shelves across the likes of Asia, US and Europe, Canagan is a household name amongst pet lovers around the world, and there’s no surprise why. Focused on providing wholesome, all-natural and nutritionally-beneficial food for our four-legged friends – Canagan sets out to ensure our dog’s diet suits their ancestral needs, and are provided with everything they need to live a long and happy life.

Humble Beginnings

Wolf & Cat

All-round animal lover and business tycoon, Eddie Milbourne, now 61, worked as a UK distributor for an American pet food brand. In March 2008, Eddie saw his job slip between his fingers as the company decided to withdraw the product from the UK, which led to an abrupt and sad ending to the company he had worked with for 16 years.

Despite this, and receiving no financial compensation after the company folded, Eddie grabbed the bull its horns and decided to set up his own company; Symply Pet Foods Ltd. This became the umbrella company for what is now the Canagan brand; and began trading in 2009.

As the company grew and grew, Eddie’s long-term relationship with many of his former clients was still strong, and he decided to launch his own pet food in 2012 so Canagan was born.

An-Award Winning Brand

Through years and years of success, Canagan have received numerous accolades from pet-food experts across the world. Producing some of the best food the dog-food market has seen, it is no wonder their food has taken the top prize in many retail awards.

Winning their first award back in 2014, Canagan took first prize, and was named Winner of the Retailer Recommended Awards for the best ‘dog product of the year’. Since then awards came flooding in, gaining 'Supplier of Year 2015' at Symply Pet Foods Ltd, as voted by Pet Product Retail Association. Then came the GIMA award in 2016 for 'PetQuip Export Achievement', as voted for by garden retail industry. But what proves to be their biggest achievement to date was gaining the Queen's Award for 'International Trade and Supplier of the Year', where Eddie actually received the award from Her Majesty herself.

Queens Award 2017

With a cabinet stuffed with amazing awards showcasing how brilliant this brand is, it is no surprise that here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop – we are a proud supplier of Canagan food.

Where are they now?

Growing and growing in success, Milbourne’s company has reached the financial success many companies only dream of. From humble beginnings to worldwide stockist, it would be hard to find a continent that hasn’t heard of this brilliant brand.

With the name of the brand devised from the ancient Celtic word for ‘wolf pup’, the leader of the wolf pack has stormed the pet food market, and his Chesham-based company has grown from £950,000 in the first year to £21.5m in 2017. Now that’s impressive!

Canagan Can - Venison & Wild Boar Stew Dog Food - Wet Canagan

Exported to more than 30 countries, with Japan accounting for 35 per cent of exports, Canagan really has taken the world by storm, and even the corgis of Buckingham Palace enjoy munching on Canagan’s fantastic food. 

Canagan’s Ethos

Highland Feast

Milbourne’s ethos for Canagan came from years of working in the pet food industry. He wanted to create a brand that promotes nutritionally beneficial food for the dogs we know and love.

Their delicious, grain free recipes use only the finest ingredients available. All of Canagan’s products are free of artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. Canagan believe in the deliciousness of their recipes so much that they even try them themselves before releasing the flavours to the public; now that’s dedication.

Carefully selecting ingredients from trusted suppliers, they ensure that every batch of food meets the highest standards of taste and nutrition.

They are incredibly proud to have made a difference to the lives of pets all across the world, and so are we.

Choose Canagan

Canagan Small Breed Variety Hamper Dog Food - Dry Canagan

With Canagan, it’s all about flavour. From their dry food to their delightful treats; Canagan never compromise on taste. Featuring premium quality recipes such as Country Game, Free-Range Chicken and Omega-Rich Salmon, Canagan aims to be the finest quality pet food on the market.

No luxuries have been spared at Canagan. Each product contains the highest quality sourced protein and vegetables that you would expect at an English manor house dinner, let alone a pack of dog food! Canagan excels in everything it produces and it shows. Fantastic flavours, marvellous meat and organic vegetables results in a dog food that frankly, we believe is good enough for our Sunday dinner. 

From young-minded entrepreneur to pet food king, Eddie Milbourne really has worked hard to make Canagan one of the best dog food brands on the market. Producing some of the highest quality pet food available to our four-legged friends, if you don’t believe how good Canagan really is, we say try it for yourselves, your dog won’t be disappointed.

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