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Choose A Chew That's Grain Free

Choose A Chew That's Grain Free

Choose A Chew That’s Grain Free

For many of our dogs, chomping on their favourite chew can be the best part of their day. Busting hours and hours of boredom, the perfect chew can really determine the day our beloved dogs have. With the latest research exposing the harsh ingredients and chemicals featured in some of the world’s leading brands of dog chews – it's no surprise why many of us are 'chewsing' a more natural option for our pets.

At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love all things natural, which is why we refuse to sell any product in our store that isn’t what it says on the label. Wholesome, nutritionally beneficial and sourced ethically and responsibly are the qualities we promote within our store – if it doesn’t promise to be the best Mother Nature can offer, then we simply do not sell it.

So when it comes to choosing the best possible boredom-busting chew for our four-legged friends, only all-natural will do. But what makes a chew even better? When it is grain-free of course.

Go against the Grain

Throughout evolution, dogs and cats have adapted to eat meat. Like all carnivores, they find it more difficult to digest grains such as rice and white potatoes. Their inability to product the enzyme, amylase, in their saliva, means they struggle to break down starchy carbohydrates. So as much as us humans all love our carbs, they just aren’t great for our pets.

Our grain-free chews promise to be 100% free from any grains or cereals. Only featuring the best botanicals, our all-natural chews are great for promoting healthy teeth and gorgeously gentle on digestion.

With a mass array of classic chews on offer, here’s a list of our top Grain-Free Chews that will keep your dog’s tail wagging all day long.

Our Top Grain-Free Chews

Vegetable & Peanut Butter Filled Antler -

Peanut Butter Antlers Dog Treats Natural Cornish Pet

Our very own Antler inspired treats, we have combined a dog’s natural love and interest for Antler bones and their passion for peanuts, to create this nutty treat to beat boredom and keep their urge to chew going strong.

Our antlers are full to the brim with wholesome peanut butter (that is 100% Xylitol free) creating a tasty treat that your four-legged friend will definitely go nuts for. After chewing through the hardened vegetable based exterior, your dog will encounter the smooth and scrumptious peanut butter centre giving them a reward after their long day of chomping.

Our antlers are available in singles at £1.75 or Pack of 10 for £17.40

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Yak – The Wonderful Snack -

Yak - The Wonder Snack! Large Dog Treats Natural Cornish Pet

Produced using a combination of yak and cows milk, with a splash of lime juice and a dash of salt, which is hardened through a process of compressing and smoke drying for 28 days, our amazing, cheesy yak chew is a perfect boredom buster for all dogs.

What’s even better about our Yak Chews, is when your dog has chewed it down to the last few crumbs, you can microwave them to turn them into tasty, crunchy treats! 

In sizes Large to XX Large, starting at £8.99.


Soopa Super Snacks -

Soopa - Natural Grain Free Dog Chews Dog Treats Soopa

Completely grain-free and containing only 100% natural fruit and vegetables, Soopa’s Natural Dog chews are a pawfect alternative to meaty chews. Featuring 3 fantastic flavours: Coconut (great for skin & coat), Papaya (kind on sensitive tummies) and Sweet Potato (Helpful in digestion), these tasty treats are wholesome, all-natural and highly beneficial in your pet’s nutrition.

Suitable for any size or age dog out there, these fabulously fruity chews are a great addition to your dog’s diet and provides your pooch with one of their five a day.

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Vegetable & Peanut Butter Crocodiles -

Vegetable & Peanut Butter Crocodile Singles Dog Treats Natural Cornish Pet

Created from the same ingredients as our Vegetable Peanut Butter antlers, these whimsically shaped treats are a fantastic alternative that regular dental chews.

Made with ridges to get right between your dog’s teeth, these croc-tastic treats massage the gums and aid in increasing blood flow, keeping your pooch’s mouth healthy whilst being exceptionally tasty too.

Snap some up today.

Available in singles at 85p or stock up on a bundle of 10 for £8.50

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Fruit & Vegetable Stars -

Fruit & Vegetable Star Sticks Large Bundle of 10 Dog Treats Natural Cornish Pet

Another one of Natural Cornish Pet Shop’s own brand of chews, our fruit and vegetable sticks are a tasty treat for your four-legged friend.

Star sticks feature amazing new flavour combinations. Not only are they super tasty, but they are packed with nutritional health boosting fruit & veg that are proven to be beneficial for dog's health.

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At great prices and amazing ingredients these are chews that your dog will love and won’t break the bank. With multi-buy offers available across all of our home brand chews, if you want a fantastic range of grain-free chews – look no further than Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

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