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Cold-Pressed: What It Is And Where To Buy It

Cold-Pressed: What It Is And Where To Buy It

Cold-Pressed: What It Is And Where To Buy It


We’ve all come across a packet of dog food in our local pet store with this title on the label but do many of us know what it actually means. For years, dry kibble, wet food and raw has dominated the dog food market.

From bigger dog food suppliers, the likes of ‘Cold-Press’ only was known for those who needed an ice pack on a banged head or knee. But with the evolution of pet food growing and growing, Cold-Pressed food has hit the market and it is really something to bark about.

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love any food that provides our pets with the best form of nutrition and flavour. Although we love the benefits of dry kibble, we heard so many great things about Cold-Pressed food that we decided to make our own!

With the ability to retain the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals from the ingredients used, the process of ‘cold-pressing’ is somewhat special and really leaves our pets’ food truly scrumptious.


As one of the newer methods of creating our pet’s favourite meals, the Cold-Pressed method has taken the dog market by storm and companies are opting to manufacture with this method due to the higher nutritional content the food retains during this process.

Free from harsher temperatures, the food is dried and pressed with cold oils to form the pellet shaped bites of wonder. Avoiding the dramatic heat blasts of dry extrusion, the food retains all of its natural vitamins and minerals – making it a more nutritionally value process than dry extrusion.

Difference with Dry

Being used by leading supermarket brands, Dry extruded food is a top choice for many pet owners and around 95% of all dog food manufactured is created through the process of ‘extrusion’. However, unlike ‘cold-pressed’ the method can often reduce the amount of nutrition our dogs receive during the drying process.

The journey begins with ingredients like meat and vegetables mixed together and then formed into dough. The dough is then pushed through a tube at an extremely high temperatures before being sliced into the biscuit shapes we know today. Taking approximately 5 minutes for the whole process, the soaring temperatures extract many of the vitamins and minerals our dogs’ intake which are saved during the ‘cold-pressing’ method.

Aflora Cold-Pressed

We love Cold-Pressed food so much that we decided to make our own. Packed with pawfect proteins, scrumptious sweet-potato and beautiful botanicals, our cold-pressed food is tasty beyond belief.

Our very own cold-pressed dog food was designed by Natural Cornish Pet Shop owners owners, Jordan & Katy, after understanding the substantial benefits of the cold-pressed method rather than extrusion. With dog wellbeing and nutrition in mind, their delicious concoction of meat and fish is delicious, nutritious and down-right pawfection.


Incredible Ingredients

High quality and exceptional value for money, we are exceptionally proud of Aflora Gwithian Surf & Turf, and All New Aflora Porth Cold Pressed. Not only does it pack a meaty punch with almost half-filled with protein, its grain-free formula means it’s good on the tummies too!

Featuring the best of what our glorious country has to offer, Aflora Cold-Pressed contains the finest ingredients straight from farm to fork.

Chicken (Porth) or Beef (Gwithian) is paired with the best white fish, for its naturally high levels of joint supporting omega-3 fatty acids making it easy to digest and hypoallergenic, perfect for those with intolerances.

Sweet potato, the super food of the dog world, is one of the primary ingredients in our scrumptious recipe. Nutritionally different and containing a high levels of fibre, along with being a great source of vitamins A, C and B6. What’s even better is that sweet has the ability to stabilise blood sugar levels, making it also beneficial for those pooches who may suffer from diabetes.

Our beautiful botanicals come in the form of sage, thyme and oregano, all of which boast holistic benefits known for aiding in fighting infections and supporting general health and wellbeing.

Brilliant benefits of Cold-Pressed food

Filled to the brim with joint supporting supplements, the mixture of Turmeric, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, provides you dog with all the extra joint support they need to live a long and happy life. When it comes to cold-pressed, we believe there’s only one contender and it is our food that is taking the cold-pressed crown.

Our Aflora range of cold-pressed dog food is:

  • 100% natural
  • Easy to digest
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Free from additives and preservatives
  • No nasty artificial colours or flavours

There it is. All you need to know about the new food on the block. Cold-Pressed food promises fantastic flavour and numerous nutrients, giving your dog everything they need to live a long and happy life – keeping their bowls clean and tails wagging after each and every bite.

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