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Dental Hygiene For Dogs

Dental Hygiene For Dogs

Dental Hygiene For Dogs

When it comes to taking care of our pet’s wellbeing, keeping an eye on their oral health is a massive factor in ensuring they stay fit and healthy. Like us humans, there are a multitude of ways we can keep our pet’s teeth in check, and looking and smelling clean all day long. From toothbrushes to dental chews, we have everything you need to keep your dog’s gnashers in check and their smile beaming 24 hours a day.

Want a range of wholesome products that are pawfect for oral health? Look no further than our fabulous range of dental products that will keep those stinky breaths at bay and those pearly whites gleaming white.

As dogs chew throughout their lives, keeping your pet’s teeth in the best condition ensures their overall health is maintained and their tools for chewing stay strong.

Why do dogs need toothpaste?

As they munch on food and treats, plaque and tartar can build up – just like it does for us humans. Without regular brushing and oral maintenance, dogs can suffer from a range of problems such as gum disease and tooth loss.

Regularly brushing our dog’s teeth can work in combating plaque and tartar and keeping their gums looking and feeling healthy.

Can dogs use regular toothpaste?

What may seem like an obvious choice – brushing our four-legged friends’ teeth with human toothpaste (such as Oral B and Colgate) can actually do more harm than good. As our toothpaste contains ingredients such as fluorides and detergents that aren’t meant to be swallowed by dogs, when choosing a toothpaste for your canine companion, we advise to select a toothpaste suitable for dogs only.

How often should you brush your dog’s teeth?

Our dog’s dental health can differ from our own. Although we brush our teeth twice-a-day – every day, our dogs don’t need as much of a rigorous routine. It is often advised that we brush our dog’s knashers between two to three times a week and supplement those in-between brushing episodes with a dental chew.

Before introducing your dog to toothpaste, try a few of these techniques to keep your dog feeling comfortable and stress-free, to make brushing a fun experience:

  • Massage your pet’s lips, teeth and gums – Sit your beloved pooch in a comfortable position and rub their lips and gums in a rotation motion for approx. 1 minute. This will get your dog used to the brushing sensation before you introduce the toothpaste, making them feel more relaxed when tooth brushing occurs.
  • Reward your pet for successful brushing calmness – Put a small amount of toothpaste on your finger for your dog to sample. If licked, give your dog a treat. This will familiarise your dog with the toothpaste and make them feel calmer before the brushing begins. Reward calmness during a pre-brushing massage episodes with treats to give your pet positive reinforcement.


Dorwest Toothpaste

Dorwest Roast Dinner Toothpaste Dog Supplements Dorwest

Brushing your dog’s teeth will no longer be a troublesome task with this truly tasty toothpaste. Created by the brilliant brains of Dorwest, their expertise of natural and herbal formulas for pet health has resulted in a product that is wonderfully scrumptious and fantastic in keeping your dog’s knashers in their best condition.

Low foaming and gentle on enamel, this perfect product will help reduce the build-up of plaque and tartar and keep those gums looking and feeling wonderful. Containing sage oil – a brilliant antioxidant and antiseptic, is a fantastic way for ensuring the interior of our dogs mouths are looking and feeling healthy all day long.

We recommend this toothpaste two-three times a week and to be applied with a soft brush or a muslin cloth for smaller dogs.

Shop Dorwest Toothpaste Here

Dental Chews

Stinky breath in-between brushes?

Dental chews can be a beneficial tool to help your dog’s teeth in-between those brushing episodes. All-natural and packed with plaque fighting minerals, our fantastic range of doggy dental chews can keep plaque and tartar at bay whilst being a scrumptious snack for your four-legged friend.

Although not a substitute for tooth brushing, we recommend giving your dog a daily dental chew to keep those pearly whites looking and feeling fresh.

Our most delicious dental chews:

Lily’s Kitchen Woofbrush

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Soopa Dental Sticks Dog Supplements Soopa
Soopa Dental Sticks

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True Hemp Calming Dental Sticks Dog Supplements True Hemp
True Hemp Calming Dental Sticks

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True Hemp Dental Flex Bar Large Dog Treats True Hemp
True Hemp Dental Flex

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With a fantastic range of dental products here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have everything you need to keep your dog’s teeth in check. From toothpaste to dental chews, we love every single product we sell and urge you to do the same.

Whether it’s a scrumptious chew or a tasty toothpaste, maintaining your dog’s teeth has never been easier. 100% natural and packed with handfuls of nutrition, our products are made for dogs, loved by dogs and highly effective in fighting oral nastiness away meaning your dog’s teeth stay healthy and clean all day long.

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