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Ekoneem: The Answer To Your Itchy Dog

Ekoneem: The Answer To Your Itchy Dog

When itchy skin is irritating your four-legged friend, finding a solution can seem like a skin scratching stress. From creams to sprays, powders to tablets, knowing what product is best for our dog’s skin can be mind-boggling when all you need is a simple solution. 

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we understand how annoying inflamed and irritated skin can be. Continuous scratching and flaky skin can leave our dogs feeling sore, agitated and desperate for immediate relief.

We have the cure for you. Experts in skincare across both humans and pets, Ekoneem specialises in all-natural itch relief products to take away those stingy sensations in yours and your furry friend’s coat and skin leaving them feeling soothed and saved from those irritating itches.

Where Ekoneem Began

Founded by mother and daughter team, Rosalind Grant and Hilary Thomson, the company started their roots in livestock farming in Scotland. Caring for the welfare of their own animals instigated their journey for an alternative natural insect repellent that they could use on their sheep without any side effects.

On a visit to India in 1992, Rosalind discovered Neem Oil - used for thousands of years as a natural, organic pest control. After successful trials on their sheep, they used Neem Oil on all their animals, with a range of common complaints, and were amazed at the results of the Neem Oil.

Soon after their animal trials, they gave Neem Oil to their friends to try and overwhelmed with the feedback, their brand Ekoneem was now born.

Eradicate Itching

Packed with pure Neem oil, the multitude of natural compounds it contains gives extremely effective control of itching, irritations, sore or cracked feet and even hair loss (alopecia).

Not only is Ekoneem an incredible relief for itchy dogs but it also acts as a strong natural repellent to any mite, flea or tick infestation - which can often cause these types of problems. What makes Eckoneem brilliant is that it’s completely safe for external use with no side effects, and can be applied to all sensitive areas, including around the eyes, which is astonishing in such a powerful oil and natural fly repellent.

Wondering what Neem Oil is?

After researching the powers of itch relief solutions for our four-legged friends, our team came across the excellence of Ekoneem and the super powers of Neem Oil.

Neem oil comes from the seeds of the Neem tree, Azadirachta indica, a member of the mahogany tree family. Known in India as the 'Village Pharmacy' because of its remarkable properties which aids the natural healing for both people and animals, Neem Oil has been a medicinal marvel for thousands of years.

Containing high levels of Azadirachtin, Neem Oil can deter biting insects and all those pesky parasites we can come to know and hate. The essential compounds of neem are absorbed by the skin and are spread through the sebaceous glands, having a cumulative effect on repelling insects away for ours and our pet’s skin.

When choosing Neem Oil products, ensure you select the best quality, cold-pressed oil to get the best results for your pet. As Neem Oil is produced directly from India, beware of poor quality, cheaper alternatives that are often diluted and fail to have the wondrous effects of the real deal.

Ekoneem Pure Neem Oil 50ml/100ml

This 100% natural skin cleanser is a powerful aid to itchy skin. Its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties maintain the natural balance of the immune system and provides a natural insect repellent against those pesky pests (including Scottish midges).

Neem Oil maximises the natural immune system and promotes the natural healing process with its anti-bacterial properties meaning our dog’ skin stays clean and germ free even after they pick up the occasional bite or scratch when having those extra fun adventures. 

Shop Ekoneem Pure Neem Oil Here!

Ekoneem Neem Oil Soap

Want to improve your dog’s skin and coat?

Ekoneem's newest product is the one for you. Developed as a result of repeated demand from their customers for a high quality soap which is hand made in Scotland from a combination of coconut oil, sustainable palm oil and glycerine and enriched with a handful of Neem Oil – this incredible soap is both gentle on the skin and a highly effective in coat conditioning leaving your dog with scrumptious skin and gorgeous looking coat.

Shop Ekoneem Oil Soap Here!

As an effective relief for fleas and ticks, Neem Oil can act as a perfect preventive of pesky pest infestation. Keep your furry friend’s skin and coat in tip top shape with their cream or soap and avoid those nasty itchy episodes leaving your four-legged friend flea free and looking as dazzling and beautiful as ever.

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