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Fancy a Chew, Wood You?

Fancy a Chew, Wood You?

Fancy a Chew, Wood you?

For many of our dogs, chomping on their favourite chew can be the best part of their day. Busting hours and hours of boredom, the perfect chew can really determine the day our beloved dogs have.

With the latest research exposing the harsh ingredients and chemicals featured in some of the world’s leading brands of dog chews – it is no surprise why many of us are chewsing more natural options for our pets.

As many of us opt for a meaty based chew for our four-legged friends, companies are developing bigger and better chews to keep our dog’s teeth in check and keep them occupied for hours and hours. Popular chews on the market are derived from bone or meat-based products, but we have a new chew on the market that promises to give our pets all the chewing fun they want and need.

Wood based chews are currently soaring on the dog food market and we aren’t surprised. Long-lasting, durable and tasty beyond belief, wood based chews are ideal from puppies all the way to golden oldies so no matter the pooch, we have a chew for you.

Why Wood?

Instinctively, dogs have an urge to chew. Their ancestral carnivorous nature and their instinct to hunt means grabbing a hard, durable substance to gnaw satisfies both their primal needs and helps maintain mouth and dental health.

Every dog has a natural need to chew. This often starts when they are puppies, and can involve chewing our furniture and shoes! Chewing gives natural dental care and occupies the dog. Wood chews are a great way for your dog to satisfy his chewing instincts.

When you choose to invest in a wood chew, you are investing in a product that doesn’t break, crack or splinter and is 100% safe for your dogs no matter what age or size.

Wood you choose anyone else?

Describing themselves as “the home of natural, healthy, nutritious and delicious food & treats for happy pets”, Green & Wild's have taken the dog chew market by storm since their introduction of Antler chews years ago. Since then they have gone onto developing a range of tasty treats for our furry friends that are created with dogs health and wellbeing in mind.

There is no better provider of the wood chews than Green & Wild's. After discovering they were only available on the other side of the Atlantic, founder of Green & Wild's John, decided to bring their classic chews to the UK

A few years on and many wood pieces sold, John and the Green & Wilds crew are fan favourites when it comes to all-natural, tasty chews. With no two trees growing the same way, dogs not only get a tasty treat but one that is 100% unique in shape. At Green & Wilds no two chews are the same. They embrace individuality and with no dog chewing the same – it’s the ideal brand from puppy to golden oldie.

Olivewood Chew

Green & Wilds Olivewood Chew Dog Treats Green & Wilds

Created from 100% natural wood and containing no artificial colours or ingredients, this tree-rific chew brings a little bit of the forest right into your home. Olivewood chews are long-lasting and durable by nature, ensuring your pooch keeps boredom at bay.

Made from harvested wood from managed Olive trees, these 100% sustainable chews showcase the beauty and deliciousness of Mother Nature. Satisfying a dog’s natural instinct to chew, Olivewood Chews are a chew different to others. Graded, dried and sanded and then lightly infused with virgin olive oil, to give a healthy, safe and satisfying chew, these terrific treats are an all-natural alternative for dogs who tend to favour dentasticks.

Shop Olivewood Dog Chews Here


Green & Wilds Chewroots Dog Treats Green & Wilds

Fancy a chew that is good for the environment? Look no further than ChewRoots.

Chewroots are a sustainable dog chew made using real, natural wood. The tree roots are carefully harvested by hand in protected areas, to make sure there is no lasting damage to the trees or the wider landscape. Care has even be taken to ensure the roots are only harvested in sustainable quantities, to allow the trees to naturally recover. Only the tuber of the root is harvested, which naturally re-sprouts, making Chewroots the perfect sustainable dog chew!

Why ChewRoots should be a top choice:

  • Natural Toothbrush
  • Will Not Splinter
  • Extremely Durable
  • Long Lasting
  • 100% Untreated
  • Suitable For All dogs – Including Puppies

Shop Chewroots Dog Chews Here

Coffewood Chew

Green And Wilds Coffeewood Chew. Natural Dog Treats Green & Wilds.

Green & Wild's Coffeewood chews are made from branches from the coffee bean plant. These are harvested annually from managed stock in coffee bean plantations and are 100% sustainable.

Coffeewood is a very close grained wood that is harder than most native woods. Simply graded, dried and sanded, to give a healthy, safe and satisfying chew for any dog.  As a natural wood product it will chew down.

Shop Coffeewood Dog Chews Here 


So if your pondering your pooches next purchase, take a walk on the Green & Wilds side and invest in a product from a ‘jolly British Company’ that prides itself on creating pawfect products for our four-legged friends and grab your dog something all-natural, additive and preservative free and something they will enjoy time and time again.

Learn more about the complete Green & Wilds Chew & Treats range here

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