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Fantastic Four: What To Look For In Your Dog Food

Fantastic Four: What To Look For In Your Dog Food

Fantastic Four: What to Look for in your Dog Food

Considering changing your dog’s diet to something wholesome, nutritional and exceptionally tasty but unsure of what to look for? Worry no more.

Searching for food for your pet can seem like a mountain to climb. What was years ago an easy task with only brands like Pedigree, Bakers and Iams on the market, as the dog food industry increases so does the complex choice of what really is the best food for our four-legged friends.

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, shopping for your dog’s food can never be easier. From puppies to golden oldies, our wide-range of delicious dog food caters for all, and will guarantee that your dog gets all the nutrition they need whilst enjoying a bowlful (and more) of their delightful dinner.

Bored of looking through labels for ingredients and benefits?

Our team love making your shopping a stress-free experience. Nobody wants to spend hours and hours scouring labels to highlight the nutrition in our pet’s food. You want to be out exploring and having amazing adventures with your furry friend! With that in mind and to make life a little easier, take a look at our Fantastic Four Features to find in our Fabulous Food.

Our Fantastic Four

From Grain-Free to mighty meat, our dog food contains only what Mother Nature brings us. Free from preservatives, additives and any added nastiness – the food we sell in our shop is nothing but wholesome goodness. To the make the choice easier – here are our fab four features to forage in our food.

  1. Grain- Free

Is your dog bloated? Itchy? Or are they becoming more lethargic than usual? The problem could be grain.

Often causing these very symptoms in dogs, grains such as rice, cereals and white potatoes are used as bulking agents in many dog food brands. Like us humans, dogs can develop intolerances and allergies to the gluten and wheat in these ingredients resulting in constant itching, scratching and even some minor digestive discomforts.

Here is where we can help. Every single brand of dog food we sell (including our own) is 100% grain free. Using higher meat and protein contents, vegetables and botanicals to leave your pet feeling fuller for longer , our grain-free food is not only wholesome but can actually provide your dog with a whole heap of health benefits such as:

  • Flake free skin
  • Shiner Coats
  • Tip top shape tummies
  • All round better health

So when on the lookout for your dog’s next delicious dinner – Go Grain Free and see the difference Mother Nature can make. Shop our very own Aflora Grain-Free Dog Food Here!

  1. Packed with Protein

Reflecting our dog’s natural ancestral diet, all of the foods we sell at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop are packed to the brim with pawfect proteins. From chicken to beef, to more adventurous meats such as Venison and Salmon, your pooch is guaranteed a mighty meaty mouthful in every morsel they munch.

Choosing to pack their foods with high protein content, brands such as Canagan, Akela and Aflora ensure that our pets are getting the best nutrients needed for a wholesome diet. High meat contents increase vitamin and minerals absorption, so our dogs get all the goodness they need for a happy and healthy life.

Benefits of a mighty meaty mouthful:

  • Increased iron intake for maintenance of healthy cardiovascular system
  • Healthy boost for eyes and brain function
  • Great for muscle growth and stability
  • Pawfect on digestion – keeping tummies firmly in check 
  1. No Nastiness

Bored of scanning through food labels to check ingredients? Well, scan no more.

To make things easier and simpler, here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we only sell products that contain what they say on the front label. No small print. No hidden nastiness. Just 100% all-natural food that has come straight from farm to your pets bowl.

Many leading dog brands pack their foods with preservatives after the extrusion process, to keep their foods tasty and appearing more nutritious than they are. The food that we sell is completely additive and preservative free, and contains zero amounts of artificial colours and flavourings. Want real meat in your dog’s dinner? That’s what you get. None of our foods contains meat derivatives – just 100% pure protein.

Avoiding any form of additional ingredients ensures our foods are the finest quality on the market.  Our brands are proud of the ingredients they use, so they don’t need to add anything to make it taste otherwise. Full of wholesome meat, vegetables and botanicals, each and every brand is exactly what is says on the packet – 100% natural, and nothing more.

  1. Pawfect on Price

When shopping for our pets’ food, quality and value are the two deciding factors. Why should we pay more for a food we can buy on any supermarket shelf? You shouldn’t. But here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we promise you something a little bit extra.

Each and every single one of the food brands we sell are of the finest quality, manufactured with the environment in mind and are created with your dog’s health and wellbeing at their heart. It is easy to walk into a supermarket and pick kibble from the shelf – but do you really know what’s in that kibble?

Not only can we promise our food is of the highest quality, but we can pledge a price that won’t break the bank. Your dog’s health is an investment. Many of us now are choosing more organic, free-range and natural products to put into our bodies – why aren’t we doing this for our pets? Sure it’s cheaper to pick a pack of frozen chips from the shelf but we make the choice to spend a little extra on making our bodies in the best shape possible. We can’t promise cheap food, but we can promise food that is nutritious, delicious and great in value for all-natural food that is made to ensure your dog lives a long and happy life. Now, isn’t that something worth investing in?

So next time you’re out shopping for your dog’s delicious dinner, keep an eye out for our fab four and purchase something pawfect today. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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