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Mother Nature's Menu

Mother Nature's Menu

Mother Nature’s Menu

Is there really anything better than wholesome and natural food? We think not.

Here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, when it comes to feeding our pets, your pets and all the pets in Britain – our dedicated team work tirelessly to ensure each and every product in our store is nothing but all-natural goodness.

With the scrumptiousness of spring well and truly underway, there is no better brand to highlight the fabulousness of British farming than Nature’s Menu. A brand dedicated to producing wholesome food straight from farm to bowl – when it comes to showing off what Mother Nature has to offer – they do it and do it well.

With an extensive range of Nature’s Menu products gracing our superb shelves and freezers – take a look at what paw-fect products we have for you and give your dog something delicious today.

Born in Nature

Raw Dog Food | Raw Cat Food | Country Hunter | Natures Menu

Created in Norfolk, Natures Menu started their humble beginnings as a small family business in 1981, and has been a leading ambassador for real pet food ever since. Proud to offer an unrivalled range of raw and natural pet foods for both cats and dogs, Natures Menu use only locally sourced ingredients wherever possible, and put healthy nutrition and real food at the forefront of every single thing that they do.

They create and manufacture their real pet food at a state-of-the-art facility in their home town of Norfolk. Carefully and cautiously monitoring each and every product to ensure every item leaving their factory is nothing less than perfect – meaning from production to you serving it in your dogs bowl – Natures Menu have put their heart and soul into making sure your pooch is pleased beyond perfection.

Ravenous for Raw

A big contender amongst Nature’s Menu's array of flavoursome food; their selection of Raw dog food has kept dog’s tails wagging for years and years. With an extensive range of flavours of raw nuggets, such as duck and fish, their pawfect proteins are guaranteed to give your four-legged friend all the wholesome nutrition they need to live a long and happy life.

Packed to the brim with 80% meat and superfoods, this grain-free food really shows off the best of what British farming has to offer, and is guaranteed to get your dog’s lips smacking as soon as it is poured out of the packet.

Feed in three simple steps: Pour, Thaw, Serve.


Why Raw?

Deriving from their ancestral diet, our canine companions have evolved with carnivorous needs. With dry kibble often providing a smaller amount of meat per bite, raw food ensures our furry friends are getting the meatiest of mouthfuls in every single morsel.

As massive advocates of all things raw – here are some of the fantastic benefits raw dog food can have for your four-legged friend:

  • Beneficial for Digestion - Raw food can be easier for dogs to digest. Free from added sugar, bulkers such as grains, or meat derivatives found in some pet foods, raw food ensures that each bite is safe for our dog's tummies.
  • Pawfect Poos – Yes we said it! Better poo! We all hate the moment our dog does the deed and the mess is impossible to pick up and smelly beyond belief. Containing only all-natural ingredients, raw food can ensure our dog’s poos are less smelly, firmer and much much easier to pick up.
  • Shinier Coats and Healthier Skin – Raw food provides a two-pronged attack to our dog’s appearance. Packed with the right amount of fruits, vegetables and proteins (and even superfoods), raw food results in a glossy coat and can improve a variety of skin itchiness caused by high grain foods.
  • Stronger Teeth – Nature’s Menu’s range of raw meaty treats are a great natural way to add to your pet’s routine dental care. A tasty, healthy choice to help clean teeth, provide entertainment and freshen breath. 

We love Nature’s Menu

From tasty chews to meaty chunks, our range of Nature’s Menu food is perfect for those of you out there wishing to ease your dog into a raw food diet. We an extensive range of products to choose from; this is one menu your dogs won’t wait to get their paws on.


Natures Menu Beef Mini Treats Dog Treats Natures Menu

New to raw? Try your pooch on Nature’s Menu Mini Treats: an amazing amuse-bouche packed with 95% real meat. Available in flavours Beef, Chicken and Lamb varieties, these mighty meaty treats are ideal training treats for a puppy or as an introduction to a raw food diet.

Shop Nature's Menu Mini Treats Here

Main Course

Country Hunter Turkey Bundle x10 Dog Food - Frozen Natures Menu

Country Hunter – Made with 80% real meat chunks, these nuggets are free from grains, so are naturally gentle on digestion and perfect for dogs with sensitivitie tummies, and who are allergies to grains, wheat or gluten. What’s even better about these super-nuggets is that they are completely free from additives, preservatives and artificial colours & flavours, meaning your pooch is provided with a meal that is jam-packed with wholesome goodness.

Browse the Country Hunter Range here!


Natures Menu Superfood Bars Dog Treats Natures Menu

Give your dog something amazing today, and try them on Nature’s Menu Superfood Bars. Full of wholesome, natural and nutritionally-excellent superfood, these tasty treats are made using an abundance of natural ingredients providing your dog with the perfect healthy snack.

With a menu like no other, try your canine companion on some of what Mother Nature has to offer and see if their lips will be smacking as soon as you say ‘Bon Appetit’.

Browse the full range of Natures menu products here. 

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