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Natural Treats: A Feline's Favourite

Natural Treats: A Feline's Favourite

Natural treats: A Feline’s Favourite

At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop we love each and every single one of the products we sell. From cat food to treats, we adore every purr-fect product in our store. But something that we are exceptionally proud of is our fantastic range of treats for our four-legged friends.

Whether it be tasty chews, delicious biscuits or scrumptious snacks, our cat treats contain nature’s best ingredients that are feline approved to the very last crumb. At the Natural Cornish Pet Shop you will only ever find the very best value, wholesome and all-natural cat treats. Using our years of extensive experience, we've sourced a range of quality, all natural pet supplies that will give you the confidence that your choice is the right choice for your pet.

So if you are on the hunt for some special treats that are high in quality, all-natural and taste good enough for even humans to eat, then scroll through our list of the best natural cat treats and treat your cat today to something all-natural and a little bit magical!

Why do our pets love treats?

Who doesn’t love a good ole treat? Whether it’s a reward for completing a task or cheeky snack at the end of a hard day, even us humans love a tasty of something scrumptious. There’s no difference for our pets.

Treats can be used from an early age to aid in training and behaviour management. Whether its toilet training to complying with instructions, the benefits of using treats to train your pet are second to none. Treats are often used to reward our pets when they have behaved well or even as a tasty treat to avoid salivating over the snack we are enjoying ourselves! For our pets, treats are a massive part of their diet and choosing the right ones can make a massive difference to our pet’s health and wellbeing.

Our Top Treats

With an extensive range of treats to choose from to supplement your cat’s diet, here’s our top 3 favourite treats to feed your fantastic feline.

Green & Wild’s Fish Nibbles

Green & Wilds Fish Nibbles with Lobster Cat Treats Green & Wilds

Made with 100% fresh fish, Green & Wild’s fish nibbles are a superb source of Omega 3 for your feline friends. Sustainably sourced from Icelandic waters, their fishy treats are packed with proteins, oils and vitamins to build and maintain health and keep teeth strong.

Naturally air dried, at low temperatures (using sustainable and clean energy) to preserve all the nutrients, these all-natural and wholesome treats are purrrfect for any cat that loves some fishy goodness. Featuring two fantastic fishy flavours: Lobster and Salmon, these tasty treats are a great addition to your cat’s diet and promise a pocketful of flavour and a whole heap of nutrition.

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TrueHemp Treats

True Hemp Senior Support for Cats Cat Treats True Hemp

TrueHemp products are grain-free, additive and preservative free and GMO-free resulting in an all-natural treat that we know your four-legged friend with adore.

But what is hemp? Hemp is plant product that has a high number of medical and nutritional benefits. From promotion of healthy blood cells to strengthening the immune system, TrueHemp treats are amazing for your dog’s well-being and growth. 

TrueHemp for Senior Cats support joint functions and incorporates unique ingredients like hemp leaf, green lipped mussel and turmeric to help cats maintain healthy joints and keep their True Spirit™ going strong.

True Hemp Urinary Tract Support is ideal for feline out there who consistently suffer with urination discomfort or problems. Their fantastic formula contains hemp leaf with naturally-occurring phytocannabinoids for calming support and dried cranberries and pomegranates to support normal urinary PH and keep your cats feeling great and peeing like normal.

Explore TrueHemp today - Shop the range here! 

Nature’s Menu

Natures Menu Chicken & Liver Mini Treats Cat Treats Natures Menu

Straight from Mother Nature’s Menu, their mighty meaty treats are a delicious and wholesome cat treat made with 95% real meat, perfect for reward-based training or concealing medication.

Made from a hearty combination of high quality fish and meat, their grain and gluten free recipes contains no artificial flavours or colours. Even better – they come in a handy re-sealable pack to keep treats fresh.

Available in the following three fantastic flavours:

Whether it is classic chicken or fabulous fish, no matter what protein your cat is in the mood for, Nature’s Menu has a treat for you. Gentle on digestion and featuring our Gold Promise on standard, these treats are a superb showcase of the wonderful ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.

With an extensive choice of tasty treats for your feline friend on offer, here at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we can promise an all-natural tasty treat that is as fantastic on quality as it is on price. With many of our treats available on multi-buy options, if your cat loves them – it’s easy to buy more and more. A great addition to your cat’s regular diet, choose something wholesome today and give your cat the best and tastiest treats they could ever get their whiskers on.

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