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Our Greenest Brands

Our Greenest Brands

With ever rising problems with our environment, the team at Natural Cornish Pet Shop have put our heads together and have joined The Go Green Revolution. Reducing single-use packaging, manufacturing and selling only wholesome, natural products and ensuring ingredients are locally and responsibly sourced ensures that not only are we providing you with fantastic dog food and treats, but doing our bit to save our beloved planet.

Going Green is our mission for 2020. From bulk-buying offers to greener packaging, we want you to join the fight with us and make some decisions that could help combat climate change and keep our environment as beautiful as it can be. Without sustainable farming and manufacturing, our beloved brands would not be able to produce the pawfect products that our pets know and love so we urge you to do your bit today and invest in our greener goods of dog food and help our planet out one paw print at a time.

Brilliant Brands To Know About

Paleo Ridge

Tycoons of the raw food world, Paleo Ridge are leaders in creating food that is straight from farm to fork. Producing only 100% natural dog food and treats, Paleo Ridge are dedicated to ensuring that the food they put into their products has been sourced, farmed and manufactured in the most environmentally friendly and responsible way.

Animal welfare and wellbeing is the highest priority when it comes to their sourcing of products. Intensive farming can often lead to poor animal welfare and unsanitary conditions creating poor quality meat and unhappy animals. At Paleo Ridge, they stand against poor standards and ensure each and every supplier adheres to strict guidelines meaning each and every one of their farmers farm right and farm well.

How they ethically source:

  • All of the Chicken used comes from Organic farms
  • All of their game products are wild and ethically sourced
  • Product packaging is compostable

Using ethically sourced ingredients and sustainable packaging, Paleo Ridge ensures that there food is not just great on taste but great for the environment. When it comes to green brands – they are one of the best.

Shop our range of Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food Now!

Pooch & Mutt

Dedicated to ensuring all dogs lead a long and luscious life, Pooch & Mutt are leaders in sustainable pet food production. With a mantra of

‘We can’t create great products without protecting the environment they (and we) live in’

they are motivated to develop and create food and treats that are both great for our pets and the world we live in – to us – that’s everything we love and more.

Pooch Packaging

Beginning their go green journey with their packaging, Pooch & Mutt ensure all of their pooch product packaging is biodegradable and 100% recyclable. With an unexpected sales urge in 2009, they reimagined their packaging creating lightweight and smaller sizes food pouches that could fit easily into letter boxes and required less outer packaging meaning – less emissions through couriers and less plastic waste from packaging.

Ingredients & Suppliers

Ensuring their products are ethically sourced is at the heart of the company. Containing only wholesome and all-natural product, there is no messy manufacturing, no un-natural nastiness – just 100% purely green goodness straight from local environment and right into our dog’s tummies. If it’s not straight from nature – Pooch & Mutt don’t use it. It’s as simple as that.

Get your paws on the Pooch & Mutt range today! 

Ziwi Peak

Crafted in the heart of New Zealand, Ziwi Peak is a brand that prides itself on loving the environment just as much as it loves the animals that inhabit it. From glorious grass-fed meats, free-range poultry to sustainable seafood, 100% of Ziwi Peak’s meats are ethically sourced from New Zealand against their strict farming guidelines – great food with a great journey – what could be better?

How they peak at Sustainability:

  • Only source from humane, ethical and sustainably managed local farms
  • Farm animals that are free-ranging and grass-fed all year around
  • Adhere to strict bio-security meaning products are sourced from farms free from diseases
  • All meat and ingredients are sourced from certified facilities
  • Fish are caught in sustainably managed parts of Southern Oceans.
  • They are 100% family run business suistaning employment in and around their local town of Mount Mauganaui.

Explore the range of fantastic food and treats by Ziwi Peak!


Born from the brains of the team at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, Aflora is our very own brand of dry and cold-pressed dog food. Insprired by the Cornish coast and moorlands Aflora is named after our favourite parts of Cornwall, our range of fantastic food is developed with pet wellbeing and our environment in mind and produced in the UK.

100% Natural and completely Grain-Free, this brilliant home-grown creation is gentle on digestion and packed to the brim with amazing vitamins and minerals. Featuring the wonderful wonders of Omega 3, our food provides all the flavour and protein your dog needs whilst giving an extra boost of joint support – keeping their tummies full and tails wagging all day long.

Available in cold-pressed and dry kibble, some of our fantastic flavours include:

  • Angus Beef & Sweet Potato
  • Salmon with Haddock
  • Vension with Salmon
  • Senior Turkey

Aflora Grain Free is made with 100% recyclable packaging, available in larger bulk-size amounts and created with locally and responsibly sourced ingredients – Aflora really is the king of affordable, accessible, green food for dogs.

Shop the full Aflora Grain Free product range today!

So if you are sat there pondering the predicament of the planet, make some small changes today and go green with these brilliant brands. We promise you – once you go green – you’ll never turn back.

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