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Our 2020 Top 5 Natural Dog Treats

Our 2020 Top 5 Natural Dog Treats

When it comes to food or treats, we believe only natural, wholesome products are the best for our pooches. From chews to biscuits, those extra special bites of brilliance that we give for great behaviour should be just as amazing as the daily food in their bowl. No preservatives, additives or nonsense ingredients fill up the treats at Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we only sell all-natural treats that showcase the best Mother Nature has to offer.

What makes our products so special is the love and care that goes into each and every one of the products we sell. With our close relationships with each and every one of the brands that well sell, we only put products on our shelf that we 100% stand behind and believe are the best for your four-legged friend – if it isn’t good for us, it isn’t good for them.

Never bought all-natural before? No worries. We have made the choice even simpler. At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love everything that we sell but sometimes there has to be definitive winners. So here they are. The list of our top 5 natural dog treats that we know you pooch can’t wait to get their paws on.


TrueHemp Treats

Based in British Columbia, Canada. TrueHemp treats are created by True Leaf Pet™ and produce and distribute hemp-based pet products that help our pets live a long and healthy life.

But what is hemp? Hemp is plant product that has a high number of medical and nutritional benefits. From promotion of healthy blood cells to strengthening the immune system, TrueHemp treats are amazing for your dog’s well-being and growth. 

At Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we love everything that is perfect for our pooches and TrueHemp is just that. Their products are grain-free, additive and preservative free and GMO-free resulting in an all-natural treat that we know your four-legged friend with adore.

The range including True Hemp Calming Treats, Hip & Joint Treats and Skin & Coat treats, there is definitely a TrueHemp prouct out there for you.

Try some today from £4.49 - Shop Now


 Pooch & Mutt Peanut Butter Treats

As many of us know, our canine companions love peanut butter. There is something about that nutty spread that sends our four-legged friends into a frenzy – well – who could blame them?

The brilliant brains at Pooch & Mutt have honed in on a dog’s innate passion for peanut butter and have designed these amazing treats which will have your pooch thinking they are dipping their paws right into the jar.

With no added salt or sugar and wheat & junk free, P&M’s Peanut Butter Treats are a low-calorie, healthy snack to keep your dog happy and smiling time and time again.

Containing oats, rice and peanut butter, these mini bone shaped treats are a yummy alternative to many meat based products you’ll find on the shelf.

Priced at £2.95, these bargain treats should be a definitive dog desire on your next adventure to The Natural Cornish Pet Shop.

You can also shop the whole Pooch & Mutt range online - Shop online here


Natures Menu Mini Range

When it comes to mighty meaty treats, no one really compares to the powers of Natures Menu. With all their treats containing 95% real meat and more, if your dog is more of a meat treat lover then Natures Menu Mini Range is definitely for you.

Free from artificial colours and flavours and packed to the brim with a high-meat content, these natural and incredible treats are ideal for reward training or for concealing medication on those poorly days.

Available in the following fantastic flavours: Beef, Chicken & Pork; Lamb and Salmon & Trout. Priced at just £1.99 a packet, these terrific treats will get your pooch’s lips smacking from the very first bite.

Shop the whole Natures Menu treat range online - Shop Online Here


Hownd Wellness Treats

Based in the heart of Devon, Hownd are passionate about creating natural, ethical and effective products that keeps our four-legged friends fit & healthy for as long as they live. Their terrific treats are 100% natural, hypoallergenic and gluten & grain free.

As the second product on our list to feature hemp, its super powers are highlighted in each and every one of Hownd superhero snacks packing in all the incredible ingredients that keeps our puppies and golden oldies fighting fit and ready for play.

With added Chondroitin and glucosamine, if your dog is starting to show signs of ageing, a few Golden Oldies treats a day may help to ease and support stiff joints.

These magical, mini cookies are priced at £4.49 for a 130g tube, these delicious biscuits are treat your dog will know and love.

Shop the full Hownd range online - Shop Online Here

WOOLF Chunkies 

Made of 100% high quality protein sources to provide the highest quality and the best nutritional intake, WOOLF chunkies are a brand that we have come to adore.  The Woolf snack, once cooked, is packed without any chemical additives, preservatives or colouring creating a meaty treat that is delicious in every single chunk.

Fancy something with a little flavour? WOOLF Chunkies are for you. With five fantastic flavours to choose from including: Salmon, Lamb, Rabbit, Chicken and Duck, no matter what protein your dog adores, WOOLF has a chunkie for you.

Priced at £3.39 per pouch.

Shop the full Woolf Treats range online - Shop Online Here

 So whether it’s hemp for happiness or meat for mightiness, all these terrific treats are all-natural and created with dog’s welfare in mind. Get yourself to Cornish Natural Pet Shop and get your paws on some terrific treats that no doubt will keep your four-legged friend licking their lips time and time again.

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