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Poop & Scoop with Earth Rated Poo Bags

Poop & Scoop with Earth Rated Poo Bags

When it comes to doggy essentials, there is no product more important than the Poo Bag! Whether it be short strolls to the shop, long walkies on the beach or even around our own back garden, the poo bag is a staple in every dog owner’s home. But with the need for a reduction on single-use plastic and the world trying to be more environmentally friendly – is there an alternative to our regular dog poo bags? Yes there is!

Meet Earth Rated, a company dedicated to changing the lives of all canines (and their owners!). This brilliant brand has helped over 2,000 organisations to ensure our four-legged friends lead the best life possible, and for us, we couldn’t adore a company more. Caring and supporting animals is our mantra and Earth Rated should be your top choice to pick up your pooch’s poop.

The Earth Rated Story

Founded back in 2009 by five long-time friends, Earth Rated have spent the last 10 years doing what they do best – making poop bags!

Taking part in their first trade show in the USA, 2010 saw the company join forces with their first retailer and grow through stores across North America. From there the brand grew and grew and in 2014, Earth Related launched new packaging and designs, and their Stain & Odour products were born. Continuing on from their growing success, they decided to conquer the European market and before they knew it, stockists were screaming for their incredible products.

After 10 years of hard work and dedicated, Earth Rated, has grown into a global brand and a product, us all at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop are proud to stock.

Perfect Poop Bags

When picking up your dog’s poop, there is nothing worse than a flimsy bag. As no poops are ever the same, no matter what dog you own, no matter what poop you are picking up – Earth Rated has a bag for you.

With many poop bags on the commercial market made from new materials, every Earth Rated bag is made using recycled materials, meaning Earth Rated ensure each and every one of their bags is great for the environment. Created and developed with the Earth and Dogs in mind, their incredible range of poop bags are our top choice for picking up our furry friend’s number twos.

Made from extra durable material and an option for lavender scented, these poop bags promise never to cause any unfortunate spillages making sure you have the most enjoyable walkies with your canine companion, time and time again.

Easy-Tie Handle Bags

Get a handle on all those number twos with these easy-tie handle bags. Created with convenient handles easy for tying, these 100% leak-proof guaranteed bags, are perfect for all you dog owners out there who may struggle opening regular poop bags. With easy tie handles and extra wide openings, these perfect poop bags ensures a securely tied knot making sure all the mess stays firmly where it should.

Available in Unscented, Lavender at £4.99. - Shop Now 

Poop Bag Lead Dispenser & Refills

Constantly forgetting to pack poop bags when taking your four-legged friend on a walk? Well, we have the solution!

Developed to fit perfectly on your pet’s lead, this cute green-coloured lead dispenser is one of the best on the market and even comes equipped with 15 bags so clip on and you’re ready to go!

The sleek and modern design of the dispenser compliments any adventure. Whether you’re on walks, off on holiday, in the car or every day on-the-go, these are the poop bags for you. With its unique adjustable strap, this lead dispenser can attach to any size lead and there’s even a handy hook on the back designed to hold a used bag until you find a rubbish pin. Picking up poop has never been this easy!

Containing extra durable rolls (that can be easily refilled), get rid of those regular, flimsy and boring poop bags and replace with these fantastic, recycled pieces of magic today – we promise you’ll notice the difference. Taking the stress away from poop bag worries, Earth Rated takes the trauma out of poop-picking, giving you more time to spend time with your canine companion.

Available in Unscented and Lavender at £2.39. Pick up roll refills (120 bags 8x15 rolls) for £4.99 or purchase our bulk offer of 21 x 15 rolls for £11.49.

Leash Dispenser - Shop Now

Poop Bag - Single Roll - Shop now

Poop Bag - 8 Rolls / 120 Bags - Shop Now

Lavender Scented - Poop Bag - 8 Rolls / 120 bags - Shop Now

Poop Bag - 21 Rolls / 315 Bags - Shop Now 

Lavender Scented Poop bag - 21 Rolls / 315 Bags - Shop Now

Extra Strong Poop Bags - 1 large Roll / 300 Bags  - Shop Now

Lavender Scented Extra Strong Poop Bags - 1 Large Roll / 300 Bags - Shop Now


Clean it up!

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we always encourage owners to clean up after their pets. With our beautiful beaches, classic coastal walks and lovely locations, maintaining their beauty is what we stand for. With potential fines in and around Cornwall of up to £1000 for allowing your dog to fowl, no one wants to hand over fines that could be spent on their furry friend.

So with perfect poop bags and delightful dispensers available at your favourite pet store, there’s no excuses to leave the mess. Pick it up your own way and enjoy your adventures with your furry friend.

To keep your walkies interesting, we have even put together a dog walking essentials bundle, packed with everything you need for the perfect day out with your dog! Shop now 

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