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Say Goodbye to Grains!

Say Goodbye to Grains!

Say Goodbye to Grains!

If your dog or cat is suffering from itchy skin or a troublesome tummy, your answer could simply be making a small change to their diet.

With big brands of pet food out there containing significantly high levels of cereals and grains in their foods as fillers for our pets’s tummies, these grain can actually cause problems that we miss for other ailments. Recognising your pets’s grain allergy or intolerance early can have a significant impact on their everyday life.

Like us humans, dogs and cats can bloat after a heavy meal packed with carbohydrates. Often troubling for canine and feline tummies, grains can cause a range of issues than can be eradicated almost immediately. Simply reducing their grain intake by choosing a grain-free treat option can be all it takes to combat those irritating itches and bloated bellies.

Grain, Grain Go Away

Grain Allergies & Intolerances develop in animals due to an over-consumption of them throughout their life. As wheat, barley, rye, oats act are key ingredients in many leading pet food brands, it is hard to avoid the gluttony of gluten in both ours and our pet’s diet. Our scientific understanding of the impact gluten has on human health has led to the creation of millions on gluten-free and wheat-free alternatives in leading supermarkets – this is no different for our pets.

Companies now are becoming Grain-Free, meaning our four-legged friends’ food is packed with wholesome nutritional goodness that leaves their skin itch-free and their bellies full each and every day.

Going Grain-Free

Throughout evolution, dogs and cats have adapted to eat meat. Like all carnivores, they find it difficult to digest grains such as rice and white potatoes. Their inability to product the enzyme, amylase, in their saliva, means they struggle to break down starchy carbohydrates, so as much as we all love our carbs, they just aren’t great for our pets.

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we have a range of grain-free treats that are great for bellies and tasty beyond belief.

Don’t believe us?

Read it for yourself and discover some amazing wagtastic treats today.

Grab Grain-Free

With enough treats in stock to feed the masses, we stand behind each and every single brand we stock in our store. From treats to chews, our grain-free selection of snacks are scrumptious beyond belief and packed with all the nutrients and wholesome ingredients your dog needs to live a long and happy life.

Here’s some of our favourites

Nature’s Menu

Natures Menu Chicken & Liver Mini Treats Cat Treats Natures Menu

Straight from Mother Nature’s Menu, their 'Mighty Meaty' treats are a delicious and wholesome cat treat made with 95% real meat, perfect for reward-based training or concealing medication.

Made from a hearty combination of high quality fish and meat, their grain and gluten free recipes contains no artificial flavours or colours. Even better – they come in a handy re-sealable pack to keep treats fresh.


Available in the following three fantastic flavours:

Whether it is classic chicken or fabulous fish, no matter what protein your cat is in the mood for, Nature’s Menu has a treat for you. Gentle on digestion and featuring our Gold Promise on standard, these treats are a superb showcase of the wonderful ingredients Mother Nature has to offer.

Hownd Wellness Treats

Hownd Got An Itch Hemp Wellness Treats Dog Treats Hownd

Based in the heart of Devon, Hownd are passionate about creating natural, ethical and effective products that keeps our four-legged friends fit & healthy for as long as they live. Their terrific treats are 100% natural, hypoallergenic and free from grain and gluten.

Hownd’s super powers are highlighted in each and every one of their superhero snack's packing in all the incredible ingredients that keeps our puppies and golden oldies fighting fit and ready for play.

These magical, mini cookies are priced at £4.49 for a 130g tube, these delicious biscuits are treat your dog will know and love. 


Soopa Super Snacks

Soopa - Natural Grain Free Dog Chews Dog Treats Soopa

Completely grain-free and containing only 100% natural fruit and vegetables, Soopa’s Natural Dog chews are a pawfect alternative to meaty chews. Featuring 3 fantastic flavours: Coconut (great for skin & coat), Papaya (kind on sensitive tummies) and Sweet Potato (Helpful in digestion), these tasty treats are wholesome, all-natural and highly beneficial in your pet’s nutrition.

Suitable for any size or age dog out there, these fabulously fruity chews are a great addition to your dog’s diet and provides your pooch with one of their five a day.

Try Soopa Dog Chews today, SHOP HERE

So when it comes to choosing the best possible boredom busting chew or tasty treat for our four-legged friends, only all-natural will do. But what makes a chew even better?

When it is grain-free of course!

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