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Say Ooh to Ostrich

Say Ooh to Ostrich

Is your pet bored of beef? Fed up of fish? Lackluster with lamb? We have the answer for you.

From chicken and beef, fish to lamb, many household brands of dog food pack their foods with dog’s beloved meaty favourites – no surprise – they absolutely love them. However, if we were made to eat the same protein day in day out – bored is the least we would be. This is no different for our dogs. Like us, as dogs get older palettes develop and the urge to try exciting new flavours is just as tempting for them as it is for us. Despite our love for all things British bred and farmed, occasionally there are times we want to explore the delicious delicacies from across the waters.

For all you dog owners out there who notice your pets are finding popular meats all too monotonous, we might just have a little (or big) bird holding the secret to adding some fantastic flavour to your dog’s bowl this spring.


Yes that’s right. We said Ostrich.

This beautiful bird of Africa can actually be a significantly beneficial piece of protein for our dogs. But if the thought of you four-legged friend chomping down on something a little far from home – don’t bury your head in the sand and take a peek at why we say ooh to ostrich.

Why Ostrich for dogs?

Here at the Natural Cornish Pet Shop, we believe if it’s great for dogs then they definitely should be eating it. We stand by products that promise nutrition, health benefits and too be delicious beyond belief and if there is one product that has caught our attention – it’s hypoallergenic Ostrich meat.

Rare and extremely lean, this magical mammal provides a whole heap of nutrition for both ourselves and our pets. Due to its rarity, there are hardly any allergies in relation to Ostrich so it makes a great food source of dogs with common food intolerances. Some of the fantastic benefits of Ostrich meat are:

  • Low in fat, cholesterol and calories – great for dog’s with tummy problems and weight management
  • High in iron – Keeping energy levels maintained through oxygen transportation around the body
  • Easily digestible – Cuts down on bloating and waste (less poop to scoop)

Being exceptionally tasty and great for all-round health, it’s crazy we haven’t been eating Ostrich sooner.

Wondering where to get your hands on some tremendous treats? Take a look at our range of Ostrich based products and give your dog something a little bit different today.

JR Pure Ostrich Sticks

Jr Pure Ostrich Sticks Dog Treats JR Pet Products

Containing nothing but 100% delicious Ostrich meat, JR Pure Sticks are the ideal treat for your four-legged friend who wants to have an exotic taste. Grain-Free and gentle on digestion, these nothing but goodness treats contain no additives, preservatives or anything artificial just 100% Ostrich – that’s it!

Suitable for dogs of all size and age, these scrumptious sticks come in a pack of 8 so no worries if your dog gobbles up the first one – they have plenty more to savour and enjoy.

Shop JR Pure Ostrich Sticks here! 

Nandi Ostrich Jerky Strips

Nandi Karoo Ostrich Jerky Strips Dog Treats Nandi

These grain and gluten free treats originate in South Africa, and are an appetising alternative to regular meaty morsels. Packed to the brim with ostrich goodness, these scrumptious strips are low in fat, low in cholesterol and infused with rooibos – a natural antioxidant – providing a healthy, wholesome and nutritionally beneficial treat for four-legged friend.

Farmed from 100% free range birds, Nandi ensure each and every ostrich lives a good and happy life. Fed on a diet of succulent grass, berries, seeds and insects, the care taken to look after these beautiful birds means Nandi’s ostrich is some of the best tasting ostrich on the market.

Nandi Jerky Strips are ideal ‘anytime, anywhere snack’ so you can give them to your pet whenever you want to reward or spoil them with something healthy and delicious.

Shop Nandi Ostrich Jerky Strips here!

JR Pet Products Ostrich

As massive fans of this mighty meat, JR Pet Products are firm lovers of ostrich and wish our doggies to be the same. With a range of 100% natural ostrich products, JR Pet Products wants to highlight the benefits of this pawfect protein and give your pet’s a little something extra when they may be growing bored of the same old proteins.

Non-greasy, zero odour and preservative free, JR’s natural ostrich chews make a fantastic hypoallergenic edition to your dog’s treat jar and promises to keep their taste buds tingling and tails wagging down to the very last bite. Suitable from puppies to golden oldies, no matter what JR Pet Product takes your pet’s fancy, grab a JR treat day and experience the awesomeness of ostrich.

JR Hypoallergenic Ostrich Dog Chews:

If you fancy trying your pet out on a variety of different Ostrich chews, you can buy a selection of JR's ostrich treats range in a money-saving bundle by clicking here!

From single snacks to bulk-buy deals, if you are sampling this beautiful bird for the first time or an advocate for its benefits – take a look at some of our great ostrich products today and give your dog a taste of what Africa has to offer.

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